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Expansion valve Repair

Expansion valve

Expansion Valve Replacement

The expansion valve removes pressure from the refrigerant. This allows liquid to change into vapor in the vehicle’s evaporator. The warm liquid that enters the expansion valve has very high pressure. The liquid that leaves the expansion valve, the refrigerant, is cold and has lower pressure.

An orifice valve or expansion valve does not change the temperature of the liquid but adjusts the pressure from high to low. During this process, the heat molecules are released into the refrigerant, which cools them, allowing the refrigerant to cool the vehicle. Without your expansion valve, freon would not be able to flow into the evaporator core, without losing any pressure.

Chico Expansion Valve Repair

A couple of things need to be replaced when you replace your vehicle’s expansion valve. First is your refrigerant. It can either be pumped into a condenser or removed entirely. Most mechanics prefer to remove it entirely. Refrigerant, unlike other oils, does not need to be changed at a specific time increment. It needs to be replaced with your expansion valve to prevent potential damage that may occur when doing so.

An expansion valve does not have a certain time limit on how long it should last. It is a tipical wear and tare kind of situation. The better car you take of your vehicle’s expanssion valve, the long it should last. One sign of a malfuctioning expansion valve is the compressor not turning on or off. This usaully mean that the expassion valve is unable to opperate properly. Another sign of a malfuctioning expanssion valve is werid, unusual noises coming from your vehicle ac system.

Expansion Valve History

The expansion valve was invented on August 24, 1927. It was invented by Harry Thompson. With his invention, automotive ac had officially been improved. Now, we would not have to worry back refrigerant flowing back into the compressor.

Expansion Valve Repair Near Me

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