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Chico EV Repair

EV repair is pretty common here at Tedious Repairs. We offer a wide range of EV repair and services. We can handle just about any problem you may have with your vehicle. We service all EV vehicles.


We offer 5-star auto repair on every service, along with elite customer service. Call us today and get your vehicle in with our mechanics top-quality auto repair on EV  near me in Chico, California.  

EV Service

EV service

Because EV’s has been one of the most reliable vehicles on the market over the last 30 years, I would say preventative maintenance is the main thing you will need. This includes: 

Filter changes — Cabin filters get dirty quickly. If you live on dirt roads or drive them, they can be dirty in a few months. 

Alignment — EV repair includes an alignment to be done every two to three years. Alignment makes your car’s tires aligned properly so that they hit the road at the correct angle. This makes you different, straight, and safe. 

Tires– Electric Vehicles rip through tires much faster than gasoline cars. Tesla owners complain that tires can go in as fast as 6 months or ten thousands miles. 

Vehicle Upgrades —  We have installed stereos, mud flaps, tilt screens, USB splitters, suspension kits and other customer EV parts. 

Body Work — Just like gas cars EV have body issues with trims, paints, bumpers, door handles etc. 

Battery — Electric Vehicles have 2 batteries, the main hybrid battery and the conventional 12 volt battery used to power electronics. 

Stuff happens, having and cars break down, having your vehicle regularly checked out during vehicle repair can stop headaches from starting. Our customers stay on top of problems before they start, so tow trucks and your kids screaming on the side of the road does not happen. 

EV history

Between 1832 and 1939, Robert Anderson of Scotland built a motorized carriage. Because batteries were not yet rechargeable, it was more of a parlor trick than a transportation device. An electric locomotive prototype was built by another Scot, Robert Davidson of Aberdeen, in 1837. In 1841, a larger, better version was demonstrated that could tow six tons 1.5 miles at 4 mph. As a result, new batteries were required. As a result of this impressive performance, Davidson’s Galvani devil machine was destroyed by railway workers.

Batteries that could be recharged came along in 1859, making the electric-car idea more viable. Around 1884, inventor Thomas Parker helped deploy electric-powered trams and built prototype electric cars in England. By 1890, a Scotland-born chemist living in Des Moines, Iowa, William Morrison, applied for a patent on the electric carriage he’d built perhaps as early as 1887. It appeared in a city parade in 1888, according to the Des Moines Register. With front-wheel drive, 4 horsepower, and a reported top speed of 20 mph, it had 24 battery cells that needed recharging every 50 miles. Morrison’s self-propelled carriage was a sensation at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, also known as the famed World’s Columbian Exhibition. Morrison himself was more interested in the batteries than in mobility, but he’d sparked the imagination of other inventors.


EV Battery

EV Repair Near Me

Tedious Repairs has been offering EV repair since we got our hands on the first one ten years ago, offering services and diagnostics on all EV Vehicles. We got you if you want a free online auto repair quote. Give the writers of our service at Tedious Repairs a call today. Let us take care of your electric vehicle repairs and service diagnostics—Top-rated EV repair near me in Chico, California.