Has your vehicle’s computer/ computers ever had issues? Well, Tedious Repairs can fix them for you today! With the various amounts of technology, training, and experience Tedious Repairs technicians have, you’re in the right hands! Read this article to learn everything you need to know about your cars ECM, BCM, and PCM. Also, learn about where you can receive the best ECM repair, BCM repair, and PCM repair!  

ECM Repair

ECM repair


What is ECM? ECM stands engine control module. The engine control module is the “computer” in your car, that operates you vehicles various automotive components. As you could guess, your ECM is crucial to your vehicles operation system. To ensure proper ECM operation, request a full automotive diagnosis when having your vehicle repaired. To learn more, click here

ECM failure symptoms

What are some ways that your ECM may be failing? Read more to find out!

Check engine light 

First, your check engine light may be on. When people see a check engine light, they most likely ignore it. But, choosing to ignore your vehicle’s check engine light can be a very bad choice. Sometimes, your check engine light could be that you just need to air up your tires, or get a good old oil change. Other times, it could mean that your ECM is completely failing.  

Car not starting

Another reason that your ECM could be failing is, your car not starting. If your car doesn’t start, it could mean many different things. For one, you could have a dead battery. But, sometimes it could mean that your vehicle’s ECM is failing.


If your car shuts off for no reason, there is a possibility that your engine control module is failing. This could also mean that your vehicle is having difficulty with it’s fuel to air ratio. To learn more, click here!

BCM repair


What is BCM? BCM stands for body control module. What does the body control module do? The BCM is a comprehensive system. This system communicates and integrates the work of all the vehicle’s modules. This module is the “head” power control module. It’s job is to make sure that all control modules are operating correctly. So, your car’s BCM is a very important system apart of your vehicles operation. 


There are many possible factors in your car’s BCM failure. To learn some of those, read along! 

Extreme heat
You know that living in Chico California we experience some heat! On some days, we have heat measuring in at 80 degrees. On others, we have 100 degree weather! This is actually very bad, and the of the most common reasons your vehicle’s BCM failure. 
On average, your this portion of your vehicle is usually water proof. But, there is ways that water can seep through the cracks and contaminate the vehicles BCM systems. 
PCM repair


PCM Repair


What is PCM? Well, your vehicles PCM is a powertrain control module. This control module functions as your vehicles “brain”. It manages the transmission, engine, and many other of your vehicles functions. It is important to have this feature up and running properly to insure that your vehicle’s operation is safe.

Symptoms of your PCm going bad

There are many reasons that your PCM could be experiencing failure. To learn about those, continue reading!
Sudden loss of gas mileage 
If you are experiencing a recent loss of gas millage, it could be that your PCM is failing. Of course, there could also be many other factors. For example, you may need to check out your tires. Sometimes your tires can be a very important factor in your car’s recent loss in gas millage. Click here to learn more.
PCM repair, ECM repair, BCM repair.


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