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Auto Diagnostics

What is an auto diagnostic?

Auto diagnostics are recommended to you because of their importance. A diagnostic is an analysis of your car’s many computer systems. When we run a diagnostic on your car, we scan your vehicle’s various computer systems to find the problem.
The diagnostic will also tell us the codes your car is reading. These codes will help us repair your vehicle. Sometimes we have to diagnose things the old fashion way, chasing electrical wires and manually testing components on your vehicle. 
Diagnostics test things such as your car’s engine and components, transmission and surrounding areas, issues with brakes, and faults in the exhaust system. Auto diagnostics have many benefits. One of their benefits is that they can detect problems before they become more harmful and potentially catastrophic.
auto diagnostics

What are the different kinds of auto diagnostics? 

Did you know, that there are multiple different kinds of auto diagnostics?
There are P codes, B codes, TPM codes, HBS codes, and SRS codes. There are also diagnostics for hearing clunks and noises as well as pressure check leaks. 
P codes – Powertrain codes are codes that will appear when there is an issue occurring with your engine, emissions system, or transmission. A P300 code is a random misfire code. This means that the cylinders aren’t giving enough power to the rest of the car. 
B codes – The body code system include climate control, airbags, and the lighting system. If there are issues with any of these, this code will appear. 
TPMS codes – TPMS stands for tire pressure monitor system codes. These codes will appear when there is excessive wear and tear on your tires. Also, when there is poor traction and bad fuel emissions, and when there is an increased risk of your tire going flat. 
SRS codes – SRS codes appear when there is an issue with your vehicle’s airbag. It could be with the airbag module, the sensors, clock spring, or there could be a problem with the SRS module itself. 
AC Diagnosis – AC diagnostics must start off with an AC recharge. Once that step is complete, the pressure and weight of the refrigerant will be measured. They can be measured with a machine, we use a Robin Air machine, or, the old fashion way, with an AC manifold.
Noises – There are also diagnostics for if you are hearing concerning or unusual noises. To figure out what these are, technicians do a series of things. Sometimes, they can spray fluids, like WD-40 on the area suspected to be the problem. Other times they may move around or apply pressure on the parts to see if they will make the noise, then diagnose it from there. 

Sounds are very important. There are some sounds, that can almost guarantee that you are in trouble. Some of them include Brake squeals, popping noises, howling or singing, grinding or growling, and clicking noises. 


The first diagnostic computer scanning system was invented by Volkswagen in 1968. Followed by that, Datsun introduced an OBD system in 1978. IN 1980 GM introduced the flashing check engine light. This was also known as the RS-232 check engine light system. 
In 1991, the state of California required all vehicles to have basic onboard diagnostics, also known as OBD l. Later, in 1996, all vehicles in the United States are required to have OBD two diagnosis systems. 
Auto Diagnosis
Who Diagnoses Vehicles in Chico?
If you have a light shining on your vehicle’s dash, or your car is chugging and bugging, or just flat out not running right, come on down to Tedious Repairs and we will have your car fixed in a jiffy!
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