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We are the one-stop-shop for all your vehicle's needs! Our wide range of services comes from over 10 years of experience working with cars of all makes and models. We perform mandatory services your car will need to stay in good, running order, as well as can do custom work to have your car looking and performing the way you've always wanted! Services as small as replacing a tail light, to as tedious and time-consuming as an engine replacement are all made possible here! You even have the option to choose your parts via parts store, internet, or parts provided by you! Have questions? A call or text will not hurt, contact us today!



Cars need routine maintenance done to keep them running the way they should. Keeping up with proper maintenance & auto repair will keep you vehicle running better, and is cheaper in the long run.  Do not over look your vehicles needs!



We perform a wide range of auto repair. We do big and small jobs off aal natures. Nothing is worse than breaking down on the side of the road. Tow your vehicle over 24 hours a day.

      Custom Work


Extreme modifications? No problem, Tedious Repairs is ready for any challenge. Stereos, subwoofers, alarm kits, intakes, exhaust work, lighting, suspension, body kits, towing packages, engine swaps, accessory add-ons, we can handle any custom work.

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