Chico Timing Belt Replacement

Why do I need to change my timing belt?

  Not replacing your timing belt could result in more costly, time-consuming repairs. Failure to replace your timing belt may result in total engine failure, bent and or broken valves, camshaft damage, cylinder head damage, and piston or cylinder damage. Your vehicle’s timing belt is an important factor in your car operation. The timing belt’s purpose is to harmonize crankshaft and camshaft rotation. If both are running smoothly, the pistons and valves in your vehicle should operate correctly.

How often do I need to change my timing belt?

 Timing belts need to be changed when your vehicle has reached 60k to 120k miles depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Depending on the engine type and make of your vehicle you should replace your vehicle’s timing belt as the manufacturer recommends. 

What happens if I don’t replace my timing belt?

What are the repercussions of not replacing my timing belt? If you do not change your timing belt at the instructed time, you will have more car trouble in the future. Your timing belt is a part of your engine therefore if your timing goes out, your engine and everything connected brakes as well.

What is replaced when replacing my timing belt?

When your timing belt is replaced you are also replacing other car necessities as well. You are replacing your water pump, tensioners, ilteders, cam and crank seals, and coolant. It is important that these features are replaced too because if your timing belt brakes then it could cause catastrophic failures. Your engine, valves, camshaft, cylinder heads, and pistons or cylinders will suffer the consequences if your timing belt is not changed.

Where can I get my timing belt replaced?

Locally, there are many places that offer timing belt repair. Choosing where to go is not an easy task. In the Chico area, Tedious Repairs has been replacing timing belts for 13 years. Hundreds of cars have chosen Tedious Repairs to get the job done! Students and locals trust the staff at Tedious Repairs to handle all their timing belts and water pump needs! Call or book an appointment with us today to receive the same quality care! 530-826-4275

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