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Radiator Repair

Radiator repair & replacement is quite a hassle, but if your radiator is leaking there may not be any other choice. The radiator is an essential component in the cooling system of any truck or car and if it's not working, you're guaranteed to overheat your engine in short time. There's a few things you can do yourself as far as radiator repair and maintenance are concerned, but more often than not you'll need to turn to the professionals when it comes to full-on radiator replacement service, coolant leak or a overheating situation.

What can you do to take care of your needs of your radiator and make sure it keeps your vehicle running smoothly? Let’s go over some of our best advice so you won’t have to deal with radiator leaks, even if it means radiator replacement service is necessary.

Broken Radiator

Many common problems exist when it comes to the car radiator despite that it’s mostly just a piece of metal laced in plastic that diffuses heat away from the engine. Here are a few:

Radiator Corrosion

Radiators actually cause quite a lot of supplemental corrosion due to the hot fluid running through the radiator system. In addition, external debris gets caught in the radiator through the grill and that can build up causing growing rust and corrosion issues. This most often eventually leads to minor leaks that become noticeable before they become serious, but sometimes they aren’t noticed until sometime breaks and expensive repairs are required. Don’t ignore radiator leaks, and always keep your radiator clean of junk!

Engine Coolant Depleted

If you don’t keep your engine coolant topped off, it will eventually run out. This leaves your engine to suffer inevitable long-term heat damage that will result in terribly expensive engine repairs if not deftly handled. Check your engine coolant, check the radiator and radiator hoses for signs of leaks, and use stop-leak only when absolutely necessary. In fact, if it ever becomes necessary to use stop-leak type radiator fluid, this is essentially the surest sign that you need professional radiator repair or a replacement radiator immediately. 

Chico Radiator repair and service has never been easier. Since 2008, Tedious Repairs has plugged thousands of coolant leaks, we have replaced thousands of radiators and  radiator coolant hoses. We also do heater cores, coolant flushes and head gaskets. Radiator Repair Chico you can trust. 

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Loose Radiator Hose

When the binding or radiator hose clamp comes loose on a radiator hose, it can cause radiator leaks that are not always entirely obvious. When they happen in weird spots, the fluids can snake throughout the engine and even burn off before they hit the ground, leaving you with little signs of a radiator leak in the first place. In that case, your best evidence may be the sweet smell of the coolant fluid burning off. Be sure to check the engine thoroughly if your engine coolant keeps running low and you suspect a radiator leak may be the cause.

Radiator Replacement in Chico

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There are a number of other related issues that can cause your car or trucks to have problems with its radiator, but we can't cover them all here today since there are so many (and not all of them are often relevant).

If you suspect you need a radiator replacement or are having radiator leak issues in Chico, just give Tedious Repairs a call and we’ll be glad to help today! Use the contact information below to call or text, email, or schedule an appointment online.

Tune in next week for more auto repair and engine service contact from Tedious Repairs, and thanks again!

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