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Here at Tedious Repairs, we are proud to offer expert oil services along with a FREE vehicle inspection. Our main goals are to provide excellent customer service, along with prompt car repair. Peace of mind is achieved knowing that your vehicle is receiving the very best top rated vehicle service and care for your hard earned money.

You probably already know that it’s critical to preserve the lifespan of your engine by changing your vehicles oil. We can help ensure your car or truck engine lasts as long as possible with the right recommendations, maintenance and oil for the motors changes. Whether its a daily commuter, a working truck, hybrid, or anything in between, we have the appropriate synthetic or synth-blend oil just for your vehicles needs.

Honda Oil Change
Customer brings in his Honda Civic for his first oil change.

We’ve been on the job a long time and regularly get questions about when to change engine oil, how to do it, and why, and so let’s take a moment to go over the essential steps in a fresh oil change.

what is done during a oil service?

Changing oil may be a somewhat complicated in some vehicles- especially the newer ones- but for the most part it’s fairly easy:

  1. We lift your car, drain the oil from the vehicle into a oil collector and visually look around of issues.
  2. We replace the oil filter to ensure all the metal, carbon and sludge is removed. We cant have that filter plugging up!
  3. We lower the vehicle and refill the engine with new oil of your choice, suited to meet your working needs. We also do more visual inspections for issues and complete a computer scan.
  4. We verify the oil is full, cap is put back and the job is complete.

After a new oil sticker or computer reset, we take one last look and send you on your way. Expect this process to take about a hour.

If you’re interested in learning how oil works inside the engine, watch this YouTube video by Castrol “How Does Car Engine Oil Work?”


Changing motor oil is generally necessary every 3000-5000 miles. 5000 for synthetic oils, 3000 for synthetic-blends which tend to last longer and work better than simple synthetic oils.

Advanced computers can determine oil quality and oil levels in certain vehicles so check the owner’s manual to see if you have this feature. If you’re unsure about the manufacturer’s recommendation, it’s typically safe to change oil at the same 3-5000 mile interval for almost all consumer vehicles. If your motor oil becomes sludgy oil, or its thick with dirt and debris, it needs to be changed. This can happen quickly under harsh conditions like off-roading or mud bogging so check often if you ride dirty.

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As engine parts move and grind against each other, the physical contact wears away microscopic particles of metal which mixes with external dirt and grime. All these “particulates” cause friction and damage the engine, so they must be absorbed into fluid oil to reduce wear.

The oil filter extracts those particulates so they don’t ruin the oil. If the filter gets clogged, it can’t do it’s job either, and this reduces oil viscosity (lubrication), increasing friction and harming the engine. So it’s just as important to change your oil filter as it is to service your oil.

When choosing an oil, you want the right “Reserve Alkalinity”. Reserve Alkalinity means an oil’s ability to resist the formation of corrosive acids. Better oils retain alkalinity longer and do their job better. Bad oils quickly become thick, sticky, and sludgy. When reserve alkalinity is depleted, your engine wears down much faster. Quality engine oil means you can drive farther without worrying about oil changes as often.


A Fast and Affordable Oil Service at Your Convenience!

In and Out in 15-45 minutes


– We’re friendly experts with decades of experience. Relax in our comfortable waiting room with free water, WIFI, and even Netflix to keep you entertained while we get the job done.

– Our fast oil service includes free vehicle inspection and maintenance advice so you won’t be left out of the loop.

– We provide both A Service and B Service to match your manufacturer’s short- and long-term maintenance requirements.

– Synthetic and Synth-blend service are available. Call ahead for custom orders.

– We work on European vehicles too! Just give us a call first so we have the right tools ready for you.

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Need to service Your Oil?

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If you need an oil service, don't hesitate to get it done immediately. Odd, sweet smells, bad vehicle performance, overheating and even smoke can all be signs of engine oil needing to be changed. If you have questions about whether or not it's time for you to change oil, just give us a call.

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