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Have you ever lost your car keys and had to either call or visit a locksmith? If you have, I’m sure you’ve triumphed with costs and wait times. But, your favorite auto repair shop, Tedious Repairs, has something new in store for you! We have recently adopted our own key cutting machine! We copy house and car keys, fobs and clickers as well! How cool is that? Read this article to learn more about locksmiths, key-cutting machines, and more! You’ll something new! And, leave a comment to let us know if we missed anything, or if you have any questions! Enjoy!


Nowadays, keys are frequently lost and recut. But, how do you replicate new car keys? There are simple, or rigorous, steps that are in place to give you the best quality car key, or house key. Continue reading to learn more! 

If you don’t have your key, locksmiths or Tedious Repairs use their high-tech machines, ours is in the form of a tablet, to find your key code. Then, we copy the key code, which is Bluetooth to our high-tech key cutting machine. After that, we send the code over to the machine. Next, we pick the uncut key that matches your vehicle’s make and model. After picking the key, we then securely lock it into the key cutting machine. And press begin! 

If you do have your key and you just need a spare, or you want a higher quality key, Tedious repairs scan the key you have and gather the code via the scan. Then, repeat the process form before! And, if you do come to Tedious Repairs, make sure to tell your service writer where you go the information form! And, get your free complimentary key tag! They look like this! To learn more about how to copy your key from another perspective, click HERE!

History Of locksmith

Did you know, that locksmiths are believed to be one of the oldest professions? No? Neither did I! Keep reading to learn more cool facts and history about locksmiths! 


The locksmith career is believed to have originated in Egypt and Babylon over 4,000 years ago! Woah! The first locks made were small and portable so that they could be used to protect the gods. This was something commonly believed back then. Here is the link to my source used: To learn more about the history of locksmiths and about how the Egyptians played roles in this important time in history, click HERE.

Key Services

Tedious Repairs has been locally owned and operated since 2008. The business has many 5-star reviews as well! Look at this one! “Also they have great communication as far as keeping me informed with what was going in during the repair process.” -Kelly. If you have trouble with your, such as A/C issues, Alternator issues, Chico locksmith, need to copy keys (house or car), come down to Tedious Repairs today! We fix all kinds of cars! Honda, Toyota, and more! Come see us today.

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