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Clutch repair

Chico clutch repair

Today let’s talk about clutches! We will talk about how long clutches last, what they do, where to repair, and all things Chico clutch repair. 

Let’s begin!

how long does a clutch last?

chico clutch repiar

How long does a clutch last? Well, clutches are usually made to last about 50,000 to 100,000 miles. And, with the regular and proper maintenance, they will probably last a little longer than this depending on where you live and how hard you drive your vehicle. For example, if you live in an busy city and spend a lot of time sitting in some traffic! If you’re due, come and visit Tedious Repairs for some Chico Clutch Repair today!

What does a clutch do?

To understand what the clutch does for your stick shifting vehicle is very important. The clutch separates the engine form the wheels. Also, it allows you to sift gears. 

Your clutch has three parts.

-The clutch plate.

-The Fly wheel.

-The pressure plate.

These three parts get pushed by the springs inside the clutch and connect the transmission and the engine, making sure that they are running at the same speed.

clutch repair Chico

Where to repair

Where to get chico clutch repair?

Tedious Repairs! They have been helping people just like with auto repair since 2008! And, they can help you too! Click here to call and book an appointment! 

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