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The Chico Sports Car, Drifting and Racing Scene

Where Gearheads Go in Chico


Chico is one of the most car and auto enthusiast-friendly cities in the entire US o' A, which is saying something since car culture basically started in this country and continues to be one of the most popular outlets we have. But with things as they are these days, you may not have been able to get out and enjoy the car culture like you used to. Fortunately, we're here to fix that (just like we fix cars, heh).

Below are some of the links, websites, and resources we found to help you get back in touch with Chico’s racing community. Whether you’re into stock cars, drifting, drag racing, F1, motocross go-karts- or anything in between- Chico, CA has got you covered! Let’s check it out!

Silver Dollar Speedway

Chico is home to the Silver Dollar Speedway, one of the most popular dirt racing tracks in the North State. It’s a fairly small track but with a lot of heart and tons of fun stuff around the track for non-race fans and race fans alike! Enjoy good ol’ American hot dogs n burgers from the concession stand or check out the souvenirs for your favorite local drivers.

To learn more about the upcoming race season at Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, check out their schedule on their website by clicking here.

silver dollar speedway racing in chico ca

Local Car Clubs in Chico

If you’re looking for other car fans and gearheads to talk shop with, try the NorCal Culture website for their list of local car clubs. You can see them by clicking this link:


There’s a list of some in town and even a few in the surrounding areas like Redding and Oroville which are really part of the broader car community. Any time there’s a show in one town, people show up from the other nearby towns to join in on the fun. Don’t miss out just because you would have to drive; that’s kinda the fun in the first place, isn’t it?

Join Chico Cars and Coffee

The best way to meet new people with similar interests is to get out on the scene and meet them face to face! Your best chance to do that these days is probably the Chico Cars and Coffee meet that happens every month on Saturdays. It’s a great time for everyone to meet up, introduce themselves, talk about cars, have food, and have fun!

You can join them this Saturday, November 13th from 8 am to noon for breakfast with the crew! To learn more, check out their Facebook page for event info.

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