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We love to help, and one way we do that at Tedious Repairs is by providing helpful blog posts about how cars work and how you can look out for problems and get them fixed before they happen! We are always looking to educate our clients so they can feel self-reliant and confident on the road. We also try to cover a wide range of topics so our readers better understand all the fundamental principles that make automobiles work.

Topics we cover include car A/C, oil change, electrical system facts, heating and cooling systems, transmissions, suspension, and more. Have a suggestion or a comment? Please feel free to leave them below the post!

Of course, many of the issues we discuss here can be resolved by giving us a call and letting us handle the auto repairs for you. If that’s more your speed, just give us a call at (530) 826-4275!

Car Battery Replacement Near Me

Car Battery Replacement

  Car Battery Replacement Battery replacement in your future? A car battery is an automotive device used to power a vehicle—batteries power your lights, radio,

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spark plug

Spark Plug Replacement

 Chico Spark Plug Replacement  Spark plug replacement is essential for automotive maintenance. A spark plug is an Automotive device used for delivering electrical currents. The

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Car electrical repair

Auto Electrical Repair

car electrical repair Auto electrical repair is a repair of something electrical, done on a car. It could be replacing your vehicle’s battery, it could

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diagnostic chico

Chico Auto Diagnostics

Chico Auto Diagnostic Chico auto diagnostic testing is recommended when your car has some issue that is not self-explanatory. A diagnostic is an analysis of

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BMW service chico

BMW Mechanic

BMW Mechanic Shop BMW car repair is not for everyone. Most shops avoid these complex machines. Finding the right place to bring yours can be

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Honda Mechanic

Honda Mechanic

Honda Mechanic Hondas like any other car require routine services to keep them driving smoothly down the road. If you live in Chico, Orland, Hamilton

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timing belt service

Timing Belt Service

Timing Belt service Timing belt replacement services are critical maintenance to maximize your vehicle’s life span. Have you ever had car-timing belt troubles and needed

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window regulator

Window Regulator

What is a Window Regulator? The window regulator and its motor control the movement of your driver-side and passenger windows. Do you prefer being able

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oil leak diagnosis

Oil Leak Repair

oil leak repairoil leak repair Oil leak repair in your future? It comes when a man’s Chevy might need an oil change. Most people take

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timing belt replacement

Timing Belt Replacement

Chico timing belt replacement   Tedious Repairs offers top-rated timing belt repair on nearly all make and models. We can get these large jobs done quickly

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