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We love to help, and one way we do that at Tedious Repairs is by providing helpful blog posts about how cars work and how you can look out for problems and get them fixed before they happen! We are always looking to educate our clients so they can feel self-reliant and confident on the road. We also try to cover a wide range of topics so our readers better understand all the fundamental principles that make automobiles work.

Topics we cover include car A/C, oil change, electrical system facts, heating and cooling systems, transmissions, suspension, and more. Have a suggestion or a comment? Please feel free to leave them below the post!

Of course, many of the issues we discuss here can be resolved by giving us a call and letting us handle the auto repairs for you. If that’s more your speed, just give us a call at (530) 826-4275!

Power Steering Repair

Power Steering

Power Steering Repair The power steering system transmits power to the steering shaft to allow the wheels to move. The power steering system reduces the

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Transfer Case Repair

Transfer case

Transfer Case Repair A transfer case is a part of the drive train. Its job is to transfer power from the transmission to the front

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Motor Mount Replacement

Motor Mount

Motor Mount A Motor Mount is an automotive device installed in all automobiles. The motor mount’s job is to stabilize the engine. Thus creating less

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Axle Wrap

Axle Wrap

What is an Axle wrap? If you feel like you are having problems with leaf springs or axle wrap, Tedious Repairs offers top-rated auto repair

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brake flush

Brake flush

Chico Brake Flush We know that brakes make your car stop. But how do they make it happen? Your brakes use a system of parts

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