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Winter is as close as you car!

Car A/C Recharge

Chico car AC Recharge Car A/C recharges are apon us because it is summer again! The weather’s heating up and while that means great fun

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When do you need new brake caliper?

How Do Brakes Work?

Ever Wonder How The Brakes In Your Car Work? If you’ve ever narrowly avoided a collision by stopping just short, thank the modern vehicle braking

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autonomous car

Autonomous Cars

Are Self-Driving Cars The Future of Transportation? How far away do you think we are from the future of autonomous driving, when most of the

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Toyota service chico

What is Wheel Alignment?

Are Your Wheels Out Of Alignment? If you’ve noticed your car feels like it’s steering itself without your control, your vehicle may need wheel alignment.

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Chico alternator repair has never been easier. Are you having alternator charging issues, or need a new alternator, or maybe you have noticed the red

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new struts

Ball Joints

Most drivers in Chico, CA know ball joints are an important part of the suspension system. Visualize a ball attached to a spindle with the

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