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Buildup on radiator

Radiator Leak

How to Stop Radiator Leaks Want to know how to stop radiator leak Chico? Read this short article about radiator leaks for helpful, need-to-know information

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Winter is as close as you car!

Car A/C Recharge

Chico car A/C Recharge It’s summer again! The weather’s heating up and while that means great fun in the sun and time to swim, it

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radiator repair chico

Chico AC Repair

Tedious Repairs 2695 Highway 32 Chico, CA 95973 | (530) 826-4275 Simple Answers From Tedious Repairs For Chico: Air Conditioner May 27th, 2020 Question: Why

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cabin filter

Weird  filter Odors in Your Car? You’re driving around one day and you notice a weird smell. Check your armpits: nope. Cheeseburger rolled under the

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