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On this page you may find some helpful blogs from Tedious Repairs. We are always looking to educate customers how and why their vehicle is having issues.  Cars and tucks find countless ways to brake and let us down.

In the section we will cover topics that customer’s have problems with. From a brake job to a plugged cabin filter, it is important to explain what happens when a vehicle is having trouble.

Many of these problems can be prevented with proper understanding and vehicle maintenance. The staff here at Tedious Repairs is always willing to explain and help you through any problem you may be having.  Advice is always free and so is quotes. If you are having problems with a vehicle come in or give us a call, text or email today!

Blower Motor Repair

How Car Heating System Works

How Your Car Heating System Works It’s finally starting to rain in Chico again. That means Fall and soon Winter will be here; that means cold weather is near. By the end of October it’ll be chilly for sure. By November it’ll be full wet-weather and jacket season. You’re getting prepared for the new season

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auto electrical system short

Auto Electrical Maintenance Guide

Auto Electrical Maintenance Guide Fun fact: cars and computers are fairly similar systems. They both overheat, they are both complex integrations of multiple systems (at vastly different scales), and they’re both a pain to repair sometimes. And when it comes to electric systems in automobiles, you get everything from both sides… and then some… It

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heater core unit repairs by tedious repairs chico ca

Hot Air And Heater Cores

Hot Air And Heater Cores Winter’s coming (eventually) and now’s better than never to get your heater core fixed. Don’t catch a cold (ride) a few months from now because you didn’t get your heater fixed when you had the chance. One of the most important parts of your heating system is the heating core.

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Tedious Repairs will get your wheel alignment fixed and have you back on the road in no time!

Checking Your Own Transmission Fluid

Checking Your Own Transmission Fluid Ever notice reddish or pinkish oils or fluids collecting under your engine? It’s possible that was a transmission fluid leak. Checking and changing your transmission fluid is one of the many critical aspects of vehicle maintenance, and it’s something that should be done every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Otherwise, you

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cheap oil change chico

What is a Coolant Flush?

What is a Coolant Flush? Yesterday we talked about radiators and how to stop radiator leaks. Today we’re going to talk about coolant flushes so you better understand the complete cycle of maintenance for radiators and engine cooling systems. With this information, you can protect your car from heat damage that can result in extremely

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How to Stop Radiator Leaks

How to Stop Radiator Leaks If you’ve ever noticed colorful liquid pooling under the hood of your car, you probably know what a radiator leak is by now. If not, it’s when engine coolant leaks from the radiator of the cooling system, which is a huge problem that gets much worse rather quickly. When coolant

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transmission repair chico

How Does a Clutch Work?

How Does a Clutch Work? Ever wonder how a clutch works? Ever wonder what the word “clutch” really means? You may probably know that “clutch” essentially means “to grab”, but how so? How does that work exactly in the context of a car or truck? No worries, we’ve got answers for ya! Today, we’re gonna

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pile of stolen catalytic converters

What Does a Catalytic Converter Do?

What Does a Catalytic Converter Do? The modern automobile is a complex yet elegant machine that operates by many different systems working together: the steering column moves the drivetrain which moves the wheels; the fuel system feeds the engine in order to move its pistons; the electric system is powered by the battery which is

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Toyota Fun-Vii concept car showing cloud display

Toyota Fun-Vii: The Future is Funnii

Toyota Fun-Vii: The Future is Funnii As auto mechanics in Chico- a sizable and rapidly growing city with an dominant car culture- we see a lot of wild cars on the roads these days. From classic cars to electric cars to one-of-a-kind rides custom built for prestige, we’ve seen it all. As a matter of

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Honda service in Chico CA

Nissan Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Nissan Repair Frequently Asked Questions Regular Nissan maintenance is essential. It’s easy to forget that you must change your oil, engine coolant and other fluids, brake pads, and other serviceable parts every so often, until suddenly one day you aren’t allowed to forget. So… don’t forget. Just don’t. With the heat as bad as it’s

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Honda brand logo

‘95 Honda Civic Repaired to Race Again!

‘95 Honda Civic Repaired to Race Again! Honda cars are extremely popular, perhaps for the beautiful match between price and performance. You really do get so much bang for your buck with a Honda, and that makes them especially great for restoration projects like the one we’re gonna talk about today. We came across a

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Subaru Rallies on the Racetrack!

Subaru Rallies on the Racetrack! From the way people tend to drive them on normal roads, you might be surprised to learn that Subarus are actually one of the leading vehicles for rally racing and off-roading. You can actually drive those suckers real hard, if you want. Of course, if you already own a Subaru,

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Tedious Repairs is your auto body shop in Chico!

Major Systems of Auto Repair Part 4

Major Systems of Auto Repair (Part 4) Automobiles become increasingly complicated with every generation, yet the primary systems auto technicians must understand for proper auto repair and diagnosis remain mostly the same. Some new implementations and upgrades come into play every few years- and many foreign vehicles offer their own unique riddles- but nonetheless, it’s

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engine valve and hose service in action

What Is Induction Cleaning?

What Is Induction Cleaning? Fuel induction cleaning service is a critical process that prevents the buildup of carbon, dirt, and other particulates in the engine and fuel injection system. Not only do these carbon boogers build up from dirt in the environment, cheap fuels and oils can leave byproducts that turn into carbon and sludge

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How Bypass Oil Filter Works by Autodata Training

How Do Oil Filters Work?

How Do Oil Filters Work? Let’s say one day you’re getting an oil change and oil filter replacement, sitting in the waiting room and you start wondering, “how do oil filters work anyway?” Curious one, you are, and with good questions too! In the spirit of answering your hypothetical rhetorical question, let’s talk about how

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ratchets and wrenches instagram page social

How to Do Your Own Front-End Alignment

How to Do Your Own Front-End Alignment Today on our never-ending quest to provide the best auto repair service in Chico- bar none- we are going to talk about wheel alignments. Well, we’re gonna let someone else do the talking about wheel alignments, but yeah, we’re going over front-end wheel alignment, specifically. See, we found

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Tedious Repairs is your auto body shop in Chico!

Major Systems of Auto Repair Part 3

Major Systems of Auto Repair (Part 3) Automobiles become increasingly complicated with every generation, yet the primary systems auto technicians must understand for proper auto repair and diagnosis remain mostly the same. Some new implementations and upgrades come into play every few years- and many foreign vehicles offer their own unique riddles- but nonetheless, it’s

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brake pads on a sports car

Brakes By Land, Sea & Air

Types of Brakes By Land, Sea & Air As auto repair technicians, we talk about car brakes and truck brakes all the day long. Fix brakes this, brake repair that, who’s the best brake tech in the shop… it’s like it’s all we ever talk about. We’re almost sick of it, which got us to

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tire balancing is the other half of wheel alignment!

What Matters With Brakes

Most Important Qualities of Brakes We do some of the best brake repair in Chico so we get a lot of questions about what precisely makes for good brakes. You probably saw this coming, but that’s a complex question with different answers for every different vehicle. We like to fix brakes on a case-by-case basis,

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Tedious Repairs is your auto body shop in Chico!

Major Systems of Auto Repair Part 2

Major Systems of Auto Repair (Part 2) Automobiles become increasingly complicated with every generation, yet the primary systems auto technicians must understand for proper auto repair and diagnosis remain mostly the same. Some new implementations and upgrades come into play every few years- and many foreign vehicles offer their own unique riddles- but nonetheless, it’s

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Pit Stop And Racing Facts

Pit Stop & Racing Facts As racing fans and car techs who handle stuff like oil change services every day, we often talk about pit stop performances. They may not be why we watch racing, but in a way, a pit stop comes with a lot of its own tension and tactical consideration. Even a

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how to pick the best brake pads

3 Great Brake Pads for Street Driving

3 Great Brake Pads for Street Driving Brake repair is one of those things that kind of sneaks up on you, right? Not really, of course. Your brakes start squeaking loudly, you slide a little more when you’re trying to stop, but maybe you ignore it for a bit too long. Then one day you

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Tedious Repairs is your auto body shop in Chico!

Major Systems of Auto Repair Part 1

Major Systems of Auto Repair (Part 1) Automobiles become increasingly complicated with every generation, yet the primary systems auto technicians must understand for proper auto repair and diagnosis remain mostly the same. Some new implementations and upgrades come into play every few years- and many foreign vehicles offer their own unique riddles- but nonetheless, it’s

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Bernard Juchli with Jay Leno who he does auto repair for

Mechanic Chico

mechanics online You may not have known this, but you’re about to so buckle up: there are celebrity auto mechanics. A lot of them. Okay if you’ve been watching TV in the last couple of decades, you might’ve caught an auto shop show or twenty. There’s Restoration Garage, Misfit Garage, American Chopper, and plenty others

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Chico Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment In Chico When all of a vehicle’s wheels are lined up exactly with each other, your wheels are in alignment. Hitting a road hazard in Chico or even just the normal bumps and bounces of everyday CA driving can cause your vehicle wheels to be out of alignment. This can lead to expensive premature

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We can handle body work before it gets bad!

Chico Auto Repair Made Easy

Be Your Own Auto Technician Handling your own Chico vehicle maintenance may seem like a huge hassle and may be too much hard work in heat like this, but there’s a lot of utility in knowing the essentials of Chico auto repair. Not only can it save you money, it will also make you feel

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tire balancing and wheel alignment is important for fun and safety too!

AWD Repair in Chico

Tedious Repairs 2695 Highway 32 Chico, CA 95973 | (530) 826-4275 Who fixes AWD & 4WD in Chico ? When the cold weather rolls around and the first slippery days confront drivers, it’s tempting to say, “I need an all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive vehicle to deal with the weather.”  Well, maybe you don’t.  Maybe there’s another

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AC compressor system overview

Signs of A/C Compressor Failure

Compressor Repair and You! The A/C compressor is one of the essential parts of your car air conditioning system. Without it, cooling gases (ie air) could not be produced at the switch of a button and then carried right onto your sweaty brow. Without the common A/C compressor, who knows where we’d be know, but

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tedious repairs engine

Auto Repair Terminology

Auto Repair Terminology Part 1 (A-D) You’re at your local auto shop and the mechanic says your tri-bombulator is on the fritz and you’re gonna need to replace the entire flatootsie to get everything back up and running. On top of that, you’re leaking methyl-chloro-proto-distillate and if you don’t get it taken care of, your

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lead battery service in chico ca`

Lithium vs Lead Batteries: What’s the Difference?

Lead vs Lithium Batteries: To Spec Technology never stops evolving. Battery technology especially doesn’t stop evolving, as humanity’s power needs never stop growing. We always need bigger batteries with better charge capacities, and that’s no different in cars either. Usually these improvements come from more efficient chemical reactions inside the battery. Lead and Lithium batteries

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Butt College chico auto repair

Chico State Discounts

Certified Student Auto Repair Programs Auto mechanics tend to be self-made. Almost no one goes to school first to learn the basics of car maintenance and repair. That knowledge is usually earned personally, or handed down by others who learned it personally while on the job, working on cars. After you’ve learned the basics though,

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car oil change min

A/C Compressor Oil and You

A/C Compressor Oil Is Essential! Ooooeee, it’s hotter than ever outside which means everyone and everything is working hotter than ever too. Engines especially are being overworked these days. They create a lot of friction, and friction creates heat, compounding the issue further. If you’re not careful in weather like this, it’s easy to send

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Subaru Mechanics in Chico

Subaru and SAWD Although a fairly niche brand in the US, Subaru cars and trucks enjoy a special appreciation for their off-road ability, reliability, and superior handling. They’re considered ideal vehicles for working parents, employees, and even do great in drifting competitions, which we imagine is most of the appeal for those who enjoy going

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Cool Cars: Vehicles with Best in Class A/C

Who’s Car is the Coolest? If you live in Chico, you’ve probably noticed that it’s hot as the Dickens outside right now, and will likely be even hotter throughout the summer season. So chances are, you already know how good your own car A/C works. But how do A/Cs in other vehicles compare, and what

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Collision repair is our speciality at Tedious Repairs!

Why Do We Use R1234yf Refrigerant?

What’s Different About R1234yf refrigerant? We wrote previously about the Different Types of Car Refrigerant, and today we’re going to focus on the newest type R1234yf and why it’s been chosen to replace the previous, currently more common standard, R-134a. It’s critical that you use the right refrigerant in your vehicle’s engine cooling system, otherwise

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Toyota maintenance and repair in Chico CA

Upcoming Auto Tech of the Future

Cool Tech Coming Soon! Welcome back to the Chico car mechanic’s weekly guide to the cool, new, unique and unusual in the auto industry. Previously we talked about self-driving autonomous cars and how they’re potential to change the world is near, but not quite yet here. To read that article, click “Are Self-Driving Cars The

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John Bidwell, founder of Chico CA

Chico History: John Bidwell, founder of Chico

History of John Bidwell Chico is a beautiful place. Just like the other hundreds of towns in the US that call themselves “The City of Trees”, its beauty shines especially true in Spring and Autumn, when the leaves come in lush and green, and when they darken and fall like snow. Visit the parks, downtown,

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Kia Repair and Maintenance Protips

Keep Your Kia in Good Condition! Kia is a South Korean auto manufacturer well-known for its reliability and comfort. In 2016, JD Power and Associates ranked Kia first in the US for reliability, the first non-luxury manufacturer to top that list in decades. With good care and regular maintenance, a Kia goes a long way,

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How to Reset Toyota Maintenance Light

‘Yotas Last Forever Toyota is one of the world’s leading auto manufacturers. For almost a century, they’ve developed some of the most notoriously immortal automobiles on the market. From decades old pickups that still go, to little sedans-that-can-in-any-conditions, most people drive ‘Yota’s darn near ’til the wheels fall off (which takes a bit longer than

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Honda Maintenance Schedule Info

Honda Service Unmatched! Honda is one of the world’s largest automakers, and also the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. Beyond that, they’re the largest manufacturer of combustion engines too, having earned a reputation for reliability that’s practically unmatched. Their expertise in auto engineering truly shows in the popularity of their products. You can see them in

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Hyundai Maintenance Pro-tips

Hyundai Repair and Maintenance Tips Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean auto manufacturer known for their excellent price-performance standards. The Hyundai Accent, Elantra, Ioniq, and Sonata are all very popular for their affordability, reliability, and features. You always get more than you pay for with Hyundai. Notably, Hyundai owns a 33% interest in Kia,

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Our Mechanics Love Fork In The Road in Chico!

The Dining Event of the Season We may be auto mechanics, but we like great food just like everyone else. What, you thought we survive on motor oil or something? That’s weird. We hardly drink the stuff. You being weird aside, one of our favorite local events in Chico is the Fork in the Road

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Chico’s Own Drive-In: Meriam Park

Do You Love Movies? Once upon a time, people used to watch movies from inside their cars. No, not on a mobile device, but on a big screen located outside the vehicle that other people could see too. *gasp!* Hard to believe they weren’t using Ultra-HD smartphones to enjoy John Wayne movies, but we promise

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Tire Balancing

Find Balance On The Road We’ve talked about the necessity of wheel alignment before (read our article on Wheel Alignment by clicking here), but did you know there’s more to the process of alignment than just making sure your tires are straight? There’s another half of the process called “tire balancing” that we’re gonna go

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Cheap Tires in Chico

Need new tires in Chico? New tires are a big ticket item for most Chico drivers. You’re not only concerned about the price, but you want to know that it’ll be a long time before you need to buy new tires again. And of course there’s the safety aspect as well. The tires do a lot

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Best Auto Mechanics

Best Mechanics On YouTube We may be the best mechanics in Chico, but there’s never enough time to learn everything you want to know about cars. You can get a good start on YouTube though, that much is sure. These days there are countless informative, entertaining, and unique car shows to find on YouTube. We’ve

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A/C Pro Tips: How to Keep Your Car Cooler!

Keep Your Car As Cool As Can Be! If you’ve ever been in your car on a hot Chico day, you know how bad it can get with a broken air conditioner. Fixing your A/C is essential when the days keep getting warmer, as your A/C will be working harder than ever. It’s important to

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Concours d’Elegance

Chico’s Premier Car show: The Concours d’Elegance If you’re anything like us, you’re more excited than ever about upcoming events happening anywhere but inside. There’s all kinds of cool stuff happening in Chico year round, but one of our favorites has to be The Concours d’Elegance, an annual car show held at the Butte Creek

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How Often Should My Car Compressor Cycle?

“How Often Should My Car Compressor Cycle?” Your car’s air conditioner compressor is a valuable part of the cooling system. It pumps refrigerant fluid through the cooling system and without it, your A/C just wouldn’t work. Sometimes, especially as the years go by, an A/C compressor can start making noise (or the noise it makes

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Car A/C Recharge

Chico car AC Recharge It’s summer again! The weather’s heating up and while that means great fun in the sun and time to swim, it also means it’s time to get your vehicle’s air conditioner serviced. You don’t want AC repairs to come up as emergency on the hottest of days so we’re here today

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Choosing the Best Brake Pads

How Do You Pick the Right Brake Pads? And Which Are The Right Pads For You? The squeak is happening, you can’t take it anymore, and it’s time to do something about it: it’s time for new brake pads. But how does one choose the best brake pads, anyway? Sure, changing brake pads can be

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How Do Brakes Work?

Ever Wonder How The Brakes In Your Car Work? If you’ve ever narrowly avoided a collision by stopping just short, thank the modern vehicle braking system. They’ve come a long way over the decades and now the best of the best are capable of stopping even large trucks on a dime. But as advanced as

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History of Automotive A/C:

A Short History of Automotive A/C Have you ever considered how great it is to have air conditioning in your car? To just click a button and have A/C on a whim is a dream. If you’ve ever had a broken A/C or ventilation problems, you know how bad it can be. We didn’t always

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What Makes a Great Brake Shop?

Brake Repair Service Matters Most Brake safety is not the time or the place to mess around. Whether it’s a new car with new brakes, someone hired to fix brakes does the job for you, or you replace vehicle brakes yourself, at the end of the day you must know for sure the job was

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Autonomous Cars

Are Self-Driving Cars The Future of Transportation? How far away do you think we are from the future of autonomous driving, when most of the cars on the road will be self-driving and drivers will feel welcome to relax and set their mind to something else (as long as they stay behind the wheel)? Would

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What is Wheel Alignment?

Are Your Wheels Out Of Alignment? If you’ve noticed your car feels like it’s steering itself without your control, your vehicle may need wheel alignment. Alignment ensures your tires are angled straight ahead and don’t pull in the wrong direction, which causes steering issues as well as increased wear and tear on your vehicle. Many

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Why is my check engine light on ?

The Check Engine light strikes fear into the hearts of some Chico drivers and is totally ignored by just as many. Just what it means is a mystery to most of us in CA. First, if your vehicle Check Engine light is flashing, that means that something is wrong that could cause severe damage to the catalytic converter

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Do I need to replace my Serpentine belt?

Hello, Chico ! Today’s Tedious Repairs auto care topic is the serpentine belt. Your serpentine belt is a long belt that’s driven by your engine. It winds around several accessories that power important automotive systems. Let’s go over them. • First, the serpentine belt drives your air conditioning system. • Next, the belt powers the alternator. • The serpentine

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How did my gas mileage get worse?

Under-inflated tires waste gas.  Think how hard it is to walk in sand – you must work harder because of the resistance.  When your tires don’t have enough air in them, their rolling resistance is dramatically increased, and it simply takes more gas to get where you’re going. Always check your tire pressure when you

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You’ve probably noticed a bunch of warning lights on your dash when you start your engine.  They flash on to test the circuits and then go off if everything’s OK.  One of the warning lights looks like a car battery.  Its job is to tell you if your battery’s not charging properly. You know that

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Ball Joints

Most drivers in Chico, CA know ball joints are an important part of the suspension system. Visualize a ball attached to a spindle with the ball enclosed in a cup. This allows the joint to move in several directions, kind of like how your hip works. Most vehicles have two or four ball joints on

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Cheap Oil Change

How to Change Your Car’s Oil

  I NEED AN OIL CHANGE! Engine oil (aka motor oil) keeps your engine moving smoothly by reducing friction between its parts. Less friction means more power, more speed, and better gas mileage. If you care about your car, it’s important to ensure that only clean oil flows within.   We’re skilled technicians ready to

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Oil Change in Chico

Our Oil Change Service Works For You! CHICO OIL CHANGES, FAST FRIENDLY AND AFFORDABLE Here at Tedious Repairs, we’re proud to offer expert oil changes and vehicle service that’ll get you back on the road. You probably already know that it’s critical to preserve the lifespan of your engine by using clean oil. We can

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Chico Oil Change

TEDIOUS REPAIRS OFFERS THE BEST OIL CHANGE IN CHICO! Engine maintenance is critical to keeping your vehicle running smooth as the day you brought it home. And eventually, your car will need an oil change. In Chico oil changes are a dime a dozen, but you want to make sure you get the right oil

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Chico AC Repair

Tedious Repairs 2695 Highway 32 Chico, CA 95973 | (530) 826-4275 Simple Answers From Tedious Repairs For Chico: Air Conditioner May 27th, 2020 Question: Why isn’t my air conditioner blowing cold air? Tedious Repairs Answer: Your air conditioning system uses refrigerant to create cold air. The most common reasons Chico drivers lose their cold air have to

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cabin filter

Question My car has a bad odor when I run the heater or air conditioner.  My friend said I might need a new cabin air filter – what’s that? Answer A cabin air filter is a special filter that cleans the air that comes into the passenger compartment – or cabin – of your vehicle. 

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chico auto repair

Chico Auto Repair

Auto Repair in Chico   Auto Repair in Chico can be a nightmare. Most people are never ready for a vehicle that suddenly has problems. When this happens it causes stress, inconveniences and financial burdens on our lives. Our staff at Tedious Repairs understands these events very well. At one point we were in the

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brake repair chico

Chico Brake Repair

Brake Repair In Chico You Can Trust     Your vehicles brakes are one of the most important things regarding you vehicle as you drive around Chico, CA.  Safe brakes keeps your odds of  a accident or problems to a minimum. You’ll want to carefully maintain your brakes. With disc brakes, brake pads rub on

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chico ac repair Air conditioner chico

Why isn’t my air conditioner blowing cold air?

Ac Repair & Auto repair Chico, CA. Question of the day: Why is my air conditioner blowing hot air? Tedious Repairs Answer: Car and truck air conditioning system uses freon to create cold air. The most common reasons Chico drivers lose their cold air have to do with the refrigerant leak somewhere in the system.

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dirty cabin filter min

my car’s cabin air filter

Cabin Air Filter Jun 29th, 2020 Let’s talk about your Cabin air filter. There seems to be some confusion about them in Chico that we should be able to clear up. Much of the confusion starts because these filters are relatively new. Not all vehicles in Chico have them, so some people confuse their cabin air

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chico mechanic

Chico Radiator Leaks and Replacement

My car is overheating. Why should I go to get it fixed in Chico? Tedious Repairs Answer: That’s a really good question for Chico residents to ask, because if you don’t have someone you trust your car may be in trouble. People would assume that if your engine is running at the proper temperature that

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oil leak diagnosis on a chevy

Tedious Repairs specializes in diagnosis. Our staff has figured out countless problems on almost every make and model vehicle.  From leaks and noises to hard to figure out engine lights. Our staff has over a decade experience in figuring out the hardest and rarest problems on cars and truck. If you are looking to build

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