Chico Catalytic Converter

Why does my car need a catalytic Converter?


Chico Catalytic converter and auto repair that locals and students have trusted for over 12 years. We have fixed countless problems with cars and trucks of all natures. Over the years we have replaced tons of catalytic converters. Looking to save some time and money on auto repair ? You have come to the right place!

Your Vehicles catalytic converter is a emissions device that converts toxic gases and vehicle emissions in exhaust gases into less-toxic cleaner pollutant. This is done by catalyzing a redox reaction (an oxidation and a reduction reaction). Catalytic converters are used by all in the state of California on any gas vehicle 1971 and newer, and any Diesel vehicle 2001 and newer.

Aftermarket catalytic converters must be exempted from California’s anti-tampering laws. Many people turn to online or try to find a new or used Catalytic converter.  You may not do either legally. All converters in the state of California are only allowed to be sold new. People here in Chico have called me tons of times asking us for used converters.  Also you Catalytic converter must be California legal. Means federal converters can not be installed on California cars.

Smog requires a good Catalytic Converter


Each time you take your vehicle in for a smog, they check the numbers on your catalytic converter. They make sure you have the correct and legal cat on your vehicle. The smog shop that you chose will be inspecting your vehicle with a fine tooth comb, making sure you are converter, smog equipment and monitors are ready!

Do you have a P code? Is it p0420? Maybe its p0430? Either one of these codes could be for your catalytic converter or oxygen sensors. It is important that a shop checks your oxygen sensors and verify they are working before replacing your converter! Often you  only need a oxygen sensor. Sometimes you need both oxygen sensors and your cat converter replaced.

Plugged Catalytic Converter


Is your vehicle sluggish to move? Will it not staying running anymore? A clogged catalytic converter can cause all sorts of headaches. Personally I have been down this path. My Dodge Neon a few years back would not go over 20 MPH. I had no codes and no clues. After performing a pressure test, (in which you remove the oxygen sensor and screw in a gauge and check for back pressure PSI) I found My cat was melted shut! Sometimes something that was designed to save us from our own pollution can fail, or in this case clog.

Your converter woes can put a dent in your pocket book.  Each Californian has to deal with this headache in order to breath clean air and operate vehicles down the road legally. In the end its the price of living in a busy, over crowed state.

Installing a new Catalytic Converter


Are you looking for a new Chico catalytic converter ? You have found the right repair shop. Tedious Repairs in Chico installs cat converters on almost all vehicles.  We are pretty good at hunting down aftermarket weld or bolt on Chico catalytic converters.  We try avoid buying from the dealership when possible to save you as much money as we can on your auto repair bill.

Need a new Catalytic Converter?

The crew in Chico at Tedious Repairs has welded on countless cats. We have replaced a tons of manifold converters, bolt on cats and weld on cats.  sometimes we able to find bolt on cats for different makes and model vehicles. With over 12 years experience replacing Chico catalytic converters our mechanics are up to the challenge. Chico catalytic converter repair that you can count on. Tedious Repairs is ready to get your ride back on the road today!

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