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Ever loose your car keys? What a nightmare that can be. I have been there a few times myself. I always ended up wasting a day of my life getting rides from point A to B until you either find them, or worse off, have to brake down and call a local locksmith. If your semi-lucky and locked them inside the vehicle, then you will be able to call a locksmith service van like Arock’s Locks (we do not do lock outs) and he can come save the day for you with a vehicle lock out service. If you lost your car keys completely, things are about to get a little more trickier, depending on what your driving.

You will be required to show ID and registration when dealing with a car with no keys. then depending on the make and model, the approach is much different. Several cars can not be programmed by anyone that I know of in this area and will be advised to a local dealership near me.



 The staff at Tedious Repairs makes fobs for newer vehicles. programming keys is a new one for us officially, but  thankfully we have year of experience with locks and fighting with ignition problems on Honda and Toyota with various immobilizer problems. After nearly 15 years of calling mobile locksmiths to the automotive garage we operate at, I grew tired of the troubles.

 Electrical turns into computer issues, car key synchronize  to car computers. This cycle has sent us for loops over the years because we were missing one thing. What was it ? Locksmith programming tools. Enough was enough, something had to change. We decided that we that are tired of asking for a hand with computer programming to sync GM vehicles with BCM and ECM issues. So we purchased the latest computer programming and key immobilizer software for every make and model vehicle we could find. 



Locks, keys, fobs, fob repair, immobilizers, key upgrades, clickers and more . The waiting game for a service van to show up is over. Our customers need to be back on the road sooner than later, we figured that would could help, and boy was that a good decision! Tired of having a key and a clicker separate? We offer 2 in 1 key fob clicker upgrades of many different vehicles. 

 Now days it takes someone with up to date training and technology up keep to get keys made for your  newer style car. Twenty years ago a manual key cutter and a weekend with your uncle who knows his stuff was all you needed to get started. Proximity transponders need to be synced to your new Toyota truck. Toyota made sure that no average Joe is getting away with their vehicles.

Need a car key Fob while in Chico ca? We should be able to provide those services in a quick manner for non transponder keys, and around a 20 minutes to hour (transponder and older keys may go faster depending on what you have) for a proximity fob in your in Chico Ca 95973, 95926, Orland or Hamilton City . 

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Lost car keys is usually is a complex service. They are among some of the most challenging tasks for locksmith. Making proximity fob keys for VW, BMW and Mercedes can be a time consuming process. The staff at Tedious Repairs can program, re-program, sync and repair key fobs, car clickers, and of course cut new house, pad lock, and business keys. Car keys made easy in Chico CA.

Vehicles with all car keys lost can be renewed with a vehicle registration card and ID to verify you are the owner. Meet this criteria and there is a good chance we can get you set keys within a few hours. If you door lock or ignition lock is broken, we can replace them or send them out for repair.

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