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Keys for cars near me

Car Keys

Car Keys

Tedious Repairs is a local automotive shop that works on key fobs. We are able to create keys when you lose yours. We also cut and duplicate normal car keys with chips in them. We are able to program proximity fobs on the latest vehicles. We currently have all customers tow into our location so the repairs can be done here. Sometimes what people think are key problems, are something else. That is why we are the perfect choice for local top rated car key near me in Chico, California. 

Car keys are an automotive device used to start cars and unlock them. Car keys are specifically cut to match each car. They have different designed edges that, when inserted into the car door or ignition cylinder, allow the vehicle to unlock or start.

When was the first Car Key Made?

The first car key was made in 1910, but, they weren’t adopted until 1949 when there was a spike in car theft-related crimes. Chrysler was the car company to make the first car keys. 

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How do automotive keys work?

Does your car have a push start button? If so, you still have the keys! Underneath your push button cover is a system of keys. Every time that you push the button, it is like you are turning your keys! If you push the button with your foot off the brake, you turn on the radio! 

Keys for cars near me : Your vehicle is turned on using your ignition and key. The key way is where the key is inserted. In there, there is a set of pins that are randomly aligned using driver pins, springs, and key pins. When you insert the key, with the correct design, it will align the pins and make it so that your key can turn to start or unlock your car! 


If you didn’t know, Tesla car keys are like credit cards! Tesla car keys have microchips inside of them that you can use to unlock your car, and start your car. Tesla cars use short-range radio-frequency identification. That means, when your car key is in the area it needs to be, your key will do what you need it to!

 Types of car keys

There are many different kinds of keys. Some of them are Mechanical car keys, programable remotes, transponder keys, laser-cut keys, remotes, proximity fobs, valet keys, and Tibble keys. 
Mechanical car keys– used to be the most common car keys. But now, not so much. They usually show up as house keys, locker keys, and more.

These car keys are like any other car key. Mechanical car keys simply are just inserted into the ignition, turned, and then your car is started. 

Proximity fobs– allow for a “keyless” driver system. Proximity fobs don’t get inserted into the ignition. Instead, they just need to be in range to work! 

The key will use radio waves to communicate with the vehicle when in range. These keys came out in 1998 and were produced by Mercedes Benz.
Programmable remotes aren’t really keys. They are used to unlock, lock, sound alarms, and things like that. 

Transponder keys — are the common keys out there! They are like mechanical keys but these keys transmit electronic codes to each other’s computers. 

Transponder keys work by the driver inserting the key into the ignition and turning it on. Once this happens, the induction coil will send out pulses of electromagnetic energy. Wrapped around your key, is a wire. 

This wire absorbs the electromagnetic energy and will send power to the chip inside your key. The chip will then emit a signal. That signal is your key identification code! 

Valet keys— are basically like backup keys. They can only unlock your driver’s car door and start the car. They can’t unlock the trunk, glove box, or any other locked compartments that may be in your car. 

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History of car keys

Chrysler invented the first car key in 1949. The first car keys were flip key style car keys. Double-sided cars key began to be manufactured in the 1960s. In the 1980s, car keys began to advance technology-wise. 

Also in the 80s, car keys began to have remote entry doors. Laser-cut cars key began to be developed in the 1990s but were first unsuccessful. Also in the 1990s, different key shapes were developed. 

The first key fob was invented in 1982. It was invented by Renault Fuego. Followed by that, the first transponder key was invented in 1985. 

 The transponder car key was made by General Motors back in the mid-1900s!  These keys are used in cars such as Toyota, Chevy, Honda, Hyundai, and more! These keys are made, but they are not as common as they used to be before Smart keys. Fear not, Tedious Repairs can still use their trusted key cutting tool, to quickly replicate a key for you!

How do car keys work?

Replacing your car key can be a difficult task on your own. For Tedious Repairs, it is easier to diagnose and problem solve your key dilemma! We use our problem-solving steps every time! First, we take an un-cut replica of your vehicle’s make and model key. Then, we identify your key types year, make, model fits. Next, we obtain your key’s security code using our high-tech machines. Then, we precisely cut the key! Finally, we program the key to the visible for proper installation and usage.


Although this machine is high-tech and wonderful, it comes with many add-ons. These necessary add-ons include the key tool max, key fobs, and key clickers. These are crucial for key-cutting operations to take place. The Key Tool Max is a tablet-like tool that connects to the Automatic Key Cutting Machine via Bluetooth. This allows wire-free, easy accessibility for all employees. The key fobs and key clickers are, of course, a requirement to replace your key. The key clicker requires a button cell battery, these are the small, circular, silver, batteries. Key clickers need to have these cell batteries to operate.

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Tedious Repairs has been fixing car keys for over 13 years. Our mechanic team offers car keys and auto repair on cars and trucks! If you need Keys for cars near me, you know where to go!

Since 2007 Tedious Repairs has been offering the Chico community the high-quality automotive services they need.

 Bring your car down today to receive any car key replacement that you might need! You can schedule an online appointment, or give us a call! Top rated car keys near me in Chico California. 

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