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Why Do Cars Ignition’s Go Out?

Today we are going to discuss why cars’ ignition go out. We will cover potential factors such as your steering wheel, your key, where to get car ignition repair, and ignition switches.  

Wrong Key

Have you ever unlocked someone else’s car with your car key? A normal car key has only a couple hundred different combinations. Just in 2021, Honda sold 1,466,630 vehicles. So, there is a chance that two different car keys could unlock the same car due to the amount key combinations. 

So what does this have to do with my ignition going out? Well, if you have this problem it is possible that your car may not be starting because you simply just have the wrong key. If this happens, take your to Tedious Repairs and we will do our best to help make you a new one.


Steering wheel and ignition cylinder

Have you ever wondered why your car’s steering wheel won’t turn when the key isn’t in the ignition? Well, that is because your car’s ignition cylinder is connected to the steering wheel lock. These two are connected so that thieves cannot steal your vehicle. 

If you turn off your engine with the steering wheel turned or, turn the steering wheel after turning off the engine, there is a possibility that the steering wheel will lock and make it so you are unable to turn on the engine again. 

Igniton switch

The Ignition switch is connected to the ignition cylinder by a lever inside your car. There are serval important electrical systems connected that are needed to start your car inside the ignition switch. Heavily worn ignition switch contacts, broken springs, and temperature problems can all cause your ignition switch to fail. This can also be a reason that your car won’t start.

where to repair

Ignition repair
Where to get car ignition repair?

 Tedious Repairs has been helping customers, like yourself, with car ignition for over a decade! And, we would be glad to help you too! Give us a call by clicking here and we will set you up with an appointment to get your car back up and running to its full potential!

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