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car fuels

Car fuels

What kind of car fuels are used?

Car fuels? Well, the most well-known, common car fuels is gasoline, but what are the others? Diesel is another commonly used car fuels. Diesel gas can only be used in diesel engines. Diesel vehicles get 20% – 35% better gas mileage than the average gasoline. 

Another type of fuel that cars use is Liquified Petroleum. Liquified Petroleum is more commonly known as propane. Liquified Petroleum is a cheaper, cleaner, kind of car fuels that can be used. In foreign countries, propane is used in their hybrid vehicles. Automobiles in the US don’t really use Liquified Petroleum. 

Ethanol is yet another type of car fuels that is used! Ethanol is eco-friendly and made from plants! Its main three ingredients are sugar cane, barley, and corn! In normal gas, ethanol makes up nearly 98% of it! 
Biodiesel is another eco-friendly car fuels option! It’s made of vegetable oil, animal fats, and more! Biodiesel emissions are 74% lower than petroleum or diesel. 
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Propane/ Liquified petroleum

Liquified Petroleum was discovered in 1910. “Chemist Walter Snelling discovers propane after observing how gasoline in a jug causes the cork to pop off…” Propane was first put in vehicles two years after discovery, in 1912. Propane is the third most common fuel used in the united states. 


Steam engines were used in the 1600s. The person to invent the steam engine was Jerónimo de Ayanz y Beaumont in 1606. Steam engines work by steam pressure pushing the pistons to generate power. 


Another type of car fuels is gasoline! The first time that gas was used by the British was in 1785. They used it to power their street lights! The first time that gas was used to power an engine was in 1892. At the time, only 9 million vehicles were running on gas! Today, 17 million cars run with gas! 
Rudolf Diesel found diesel in 1980. It was used in the war to power many of their fighting devices. Diesel was first used in cars in 1936. It was first put in a Mercedes Benz! By the 1960s, diesel was very common. It powered most semis, trucks, and other larger vehicles. 

E85 is a gas that has 85% ethanol in it! Ethanol is eco-friendly and made from plants! Its main three ingredients are sugar cane, barley, and corn! So, it’s better for the environment! It was first founded in 1995. The Ford Taurus was the first car to use this fuel! 

The successful electric car was made in 1890. It was invented by William Morrison. The first Telsa was made in 2008. It was the model S! It reached 245 miles on a single charge! 
EV solar

Do you know that the sun is a car fuels? Solar-powered vehicles are the next step in automotive history. Aptera Motors is the first automotive company to mass-produce solar-powered cars. The vehicle has 3 wheels, and 34 square feet of solapanelel coating the car. 

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