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Car Electrical repair problems can be some of the worst vehicle issues. Tedious Repairs has been offering car electrical repair near me in Chico, California, for a long time, over 15 years! An alternator keeps your engine running after it’s been started. An alternator will power all most all of your car’s electrical system. It powers the radio, the headlights, the windows, and more. Also, the alternator acts as a charger and charges your battery! 


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 Did you know, that there are different types of alternators? There are Diesel electronic alternators, DC alternator, brushless alternators, radio alternators, and more! The DC alternator is the most common in cars!
Did you know, that the first-ever alternator was used during World War Two? Even if it wasn’t used in cars, it was still very helpful! They used the alternator to power their equipment!
The first alternator was made in 1832. It was invented by Hippolyte Pixi. Pixi’s automotive inventions didn’t end there. After making the alternator he made marine alternators, radio alternators, automobile alternators, and more. 
In 1891, Nikola Tesla invented another type of alternator. It was called the 15 kHz generator. This alternator could deliver electric currents to multiple different phases! 
what is the difference between a car generator and a car alternator

An alternator is an automotive device used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy by taking the power from your engine and using it to power the car’s electrical system. Generators take mechanical energy and convert power to altering current or directing current. 

AC and DC current

AC (altering current) and DC (direct current) are both different types of power. AC power is the kind that you would find inside a house, a workplace, or larger things like that! AC current will bounce back and forth through being negative, and positive. This happens because of the electrons! 

Direct current will be found in your car. DC can be used to power smaller things. Since the average car is 14.7 feet long, DC can flow through the wires and easily be able to power your car!


A starter is an automotive device used to move the engine inside your car! A starter may be hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic. 

In 1903, the first starter was made. Clyde J. Coleman was the inventor of the starter. The first car to have a starter was called the Arnold. 
in 1911, Henry M. Leland invented the electric starter. The starter was installed in the Cadillac Model Thirty a year later, in 1912. Later, in 1914, the electric starter was put into the very first dodge car.  


In 1895 the first radio was invented. Everyone had a radio, and if you didn’t you would go to friends just to listen to one! So, imagine how excited the people would be with having a radio in their car!

Cars didn’t get radios installed until 1926! William Heina was the man to invent the car radio. He founded Heinapohne corp which would later become the company we all know as Philips.


In 1915, the first headlights were made. The Guide Lamp Company invented them. At the time, they required the driver to turn the headlights on and off every time just to use them! 

Cadillac launched the first interior control center for the headlights! This would make allow the driver to turn the headlights on from the inside of the car instead of the outside of it! 

This was a whole lot easier for the driver and the passengers! It is also what our headlights are like today! After interior control center headlights were born, most cars began to have these kinds of headlights! 

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Gaston Planté was the first person to make an automotive car battery. He accomplished this in 1859. He struggled with making this battery for a very long time. The battery he made he made was a lead acid-based battery. This battery is basically the same as how ours are today. 
Gaston was a French physicist. The first battery that he attempted to make was a rechargeable battery. He thought that it would be better for cars if you can recharge their batteries! 
He died on May 24, 1898. After he died, his car battery was put into cars and sold! The first car that had a battery put into it was a 1912 Cadillac. 

For the first 50 or so years, cars were driven without any form of air cooling. The first car was invented in 1886. But, vehicles with air conditioning were not invented until October 7, 1935.

 In Buffalo, New York, the first automotive air conditioning was invented. It was invented by two brothers. Those two brothers were James and William Packard. 

Nash was the first to combine their ac heating system into an under hood. They also have the first dash design! They accomplished this in 1954. 

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Car electrical repair Near Me

Tedious Repairs has been fixing electrical issues for over 15 years. They offer electrical repair for all makes and models! Since 2007 Tedious Repairs has been offering the Chico community the high-quality automotive services they need. 

Here at Tedious Repairs, we offer everything car electrical repair related that you may need. Car electrical repair near me in Chico California. 

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