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AC Repair

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Car A/C Repair is the most popular auto repair service that we provide during summers. If you need your Truck AC looked at here in Chico, you have found the right mechanic shop. We can usually recharge & diagnose your AC in about an hour or two.

Do you need AC repair service in Chico? Car AC recharges are our main focus during the long heat waves that occur here in Butte county. It can be really frustrating when your car isn't blowing out cool air. Unless you enjoy the hot air, you might wanna bring your car in for a recharge ASAP. Maybe you are looking for someone to get your truck air conditioner figured out or maybe you only need an air conditioner recharge. Either way, we are ready for you. AC recharges are considered a part of your car's regular maintenance schedule.

Investing in your vehicle's car AC is a big decision for most people. It all starts with an AC recharge and diagnostic test (which is free with the recharge). From there we know what we are dealing with. If an AC recharge fails to have any effect, the customer will be informed of the results, along with a quote for repairs. Sometimes we find a refrigerant leak and can repair a line or leaking expansion valve. Other times, the AC compressor has failed, and it's time to make a decision on investing in your vehicle's air conditioner kit. Check out Tedious Repairs for truck ac repair near me!

Locals around Chico Ca know about Tedious Repairs and what we offer when it comes to car repair. People passing through, families, students, and parents of Chico state students will be forced to deal with car repair this summer. Here at Tedious Repairs, we want to make it as simple as possible, leaving the extra stress for us to deal with not you. What will it take to fix my car's air conditioner? Car Ac Repair Chico made easy for you! We can send you home in an Uber if you can not find a ride!

Welcome to the summer heat in Chico, Ca. Anyone who has grown up or lived in this town knows the summers can be brutal. In my 20s we removed all the factory ac equipment from my Honda CRX. We were young and tough, and we believed it would make our Honda race car toy faster. I poured sweat and suffered for a quiet few summers all in the hopes of a few car lengths of difference. Boy.... how things have changed! I could never live without a vehicle with ice-cold car air conditioning these days.
No one wants to find out air circulation doors are not working right after visiting the taco truck for a spicy burrito, on the first warm day or spring. Returning to your truck to find out that your once ice cold , is in need of a vehicle diagnostic. Finding out why your air is blowing warm or not at all is a breeze for our staff. Our well trained mechanics will have it figured out in a few hours. A service writer will then call you with a diagnostic report and a quote.
Are you looking for car ac repair Chico, ca? Car & truck air recharges (with free diagnostic testing) are cheap and simple! You may simply book a open slot here at Tedious Repairs online with our booking page. Once your vehicle is dropped off the mechanics will hook up our Ac diagnostic machine to your vehicle. At that point the vehicle ac pressures will give us a better understanding about what is going on with your truck or car AC. At that point we will be able to tell if your have a ac leak or if your ac compressor, condenser, ac lines, expansion valve, actuator, or blower motor have failed.
We fix air problems on all makes and models, new and old vehicles. Car AC diagnosis testing, car air recharges, Car air electrical problems. Condenser replacement, Compressor replacement, AC controls replacement, AC line replacement, flushes and so more.
We deal with aftermarket warranty companies for your car air for you.

Just drop by, text us, or book online today for affordable A/C service near you! We’re Chico AC compressor specialists! Chico car AC recharge for less. Tedious Repairs is Chico's choice for AC line repair.

RECHARGE car ac near me

As with most things, it’s best to take care of A/C and heating system repair before you need it. We suggest bringing in your vehicle for air conditioner maintenance every 5 years or 50,000 miles. If you’re unsure about the last time you’ve had service or if it’s necessary, bring it by and we’ll be glad start with a recharge service and go from there. We also, have full service automotive service center. If your refrigerant level is too low, bring your car in today!

Car Air Conditioner repair doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. We can also help you pick new, more efficient auto heating and air parts to upgrade your system, or simply restore a broken system. Bring your car to Tedious Repairs for Car ac recharge service near me.

A/C COmpressor

Need compressor replacement? Is something wrong with the pressure control switch or AC control unit? Maybe your compressor is leaking?

Is your auto ac evaporator broken? Maybe the accumulator or drier is contaminated. Maybe you need your blower motor but don’t know how?

Gotta dented condenser? Did the condenser fan break, or just magically go missing?

Are the A/C hoses clogged, refrigerant is leaking, and every time you go to the store steam starts spewing out of your engine? Let us diagnose the issue, offer an affordable solution, and handle all the labor for you in no time flat so you can get right back on the road, right quick.

heater repair

Car heaters and vehicle A/C are part of the same system and often have similar maintenance and service requirements. We also offer heating repair and diagnostics.

Heater and heating services we offer include:

Regardless if it’s diagnosing heating, fixing A/C, or any other car related fixing you might need, You can give us a call any time and we’ll get it all sorted for you! Our Air Conditioner mechanics are ready for any car ac repair services you may need, just give us a call today. Tedious repairs offers the years of experience that your car needs!

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