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Why are my brakes Noisy?

Chico brake repair that locals and students trust. The mechanic team here at Tedious Repairs fix brake issues on a regular basis. Do you need someone to change your brake pads or figure out what is making noise? You have found the right brake shop. Is you car not stopping like it use to ? Do you feel shaking when your press your brakes? If your car has any of these symptoms there can be a issue with you car, and it may be time for some brake repair work to be done.

When brake rotors are warped, this will cause your vehicle to not be able to slow down quickly enough and you may be in danger. When your vehicle is pulling left of right when you press the brakes, it could be a sign of a bad brake caliper! If you hear scratching from your brakes it could be time for new brake pads!
Here at Tedious Repairs we have over 12 years experience in performing brake repairs in Chico. Give us a call or message today!

Brake Repair Chico

Safety is first, when it comes to brakes its better to be safe than sorry! Tedious Repairs is offering FREE brake inspections by appointment. We offer brake repair on most make and model car and trucks. Our mechanics are able to diagnose and fix just about any problem when it comes to brake repair.
Brake pads, brake rotors, a brake flush, or diagnosis. The team here at Tedious is able to get brake repairs done quickly. Often we can get your car back to you in the same day.
We realize there is countless options for Chico brake repair. Tedious Repairs has fixed thousands of brake related repairs over the last 12 years. We have seen it all! Noises, shaking brakes, ABS issues, brake fluid leaks, no pedal & brake light problems.
If you are looking to cheap brake repair, you have found the right place. Give us a call today and let us check out your vehicles needs. Brake repair in Chico that you can count on!

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