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Book now online at Tedious Repairs. We offer online time slot booking for all our services. Book in the appropriate slot that best suits your needs or is closest to it. We also offer financial assistance through synchrony

Oil changes take an hour or a half, depending on the flow of the day. Our process takes a little bit because we inspect your vehicle. If your car needs anything fixed, service performed, or addressed, our staff will inform you about the automotive needs of the car. Nothing is worse than unexpected vehicle breakdowns shortly after leaving a mechanic shop. Our team is here to prevent any problems that may be happening before it becomes a substantial financial burden or result in extended downtime.

Diagnosing vehicle problems often take some time. We suggest that our customers book online for this, arrange a ride so we can have enough time to figure out the problem, and then quote the service at hand. If you can not find a ride, we can help you get home and arrange something that works for both parties. We offer a 24-hour key drop-off if emergencies happen in the middle of the night or you need to leave the car before we arrive.

All other vehicle repairs and services should be booked under the vehicle drop-off section. The staff at Tedious Repairs strives to provide a service that is a great experience, making things as smooth and easy as possible for all our customers. Book auto repair online near me. You are always welcome to give us a call at 530.826.4275.