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Bmw repair

BMW Repair Shop 

Tedious Repairs is a local top rated BMW mechanic shop in Chico California. We offer a full service and repair facility for all of your BMW needs. If your family is looking for a local top rated BMW mechanic near me, give us a call or message today!

What we offer for BMW service:

At Tedious Repairs, we offer BMW Oil Change services for all of our customers! We offer full synthetic blend oil changes, synthetic blend oil changes, and more! BMW‘s oil changes need to occur every 8,000 to 10,000 miles for a long lasting, safe BMW!


We also do A/C service on BMWs! We offer A/C recharges, fixing your A/C, A/C filter replacement, and much more! So, if your A/C isn’t blowing as cold as you’d like, or not blowing cold at all, bring your BMW down today! We will diagnose the problem, repair it for you, and have you back on the road in no time! 


Some times, your BMW‘s engine may fail… But it’s okay! Tedious Repairs offers engine replacement as well! Your engine is the heart if your car. Your car can’t function properly with out your engine up and running to it’s full potential. So, it is cruel to have your BMW‘s engine fix or replaced at the first sign of malfunction. 


Your BMW‘s transmission fluid is crucial to the transmission operating. If you don’t have any transmission fluid, or it is dirty, your transmission may break and turn in to a more costly, time consuming repair instead of a simple service job. 

Along with your BMW‘s engine, your transmission is very very important to your car. The transmission needs to up and running correctly and properly. 


For manual BMWs, or stick shifting BMWs, you have a clutch. The clutch makes it possible for you to change or shift gears. With out it, your car wouldn’t be able to shift. It would be stuck in one gear. So, it is really important to your BMW that you have that serviced.

Timing belt 

We also offer timing belt and water pump repair, replacement, and service for your BMW. A timing belt is an internal engine part. And we know how important the engine is. So it must be important t have your timing belt repaired! 


Brakes. Tedious Repairs offers you brake replacement. If your brakes are squeaky, or just not working how they used too, you need to have them replaced as soon as possible! 


If your BMW‘s tires need to be aired up or replaced, bring your car in today. At Tedious Repairs we offer all things tires. Alignment, Refilling the air, and even just replacing the tire it’s self.


If your having electrical problems like your car not starting, the lights aren’t working, and more, bring your car in today and we will fix those problems up right away! 


We also offer BMW suspension replacement. Your suspension is also very important to your car. Along with everything else, your suspension is another piece of the automotive puzzle that is your BMW.


Transmission fluid, motor oil, windshield wiper fluid, and more are all fluids that your car wants and needs. It is very important that you keep up on them. Whether it’s just a top off, or it draining and refilling your fluids, it needs to be done. Failure to have your fluids serviced when they need to be, could result in other, more costly, repairs. 

BMW Repair Shop Near Me
BMW repair


BMW is an automotive manufacturing company. They were established in 1916. The first BMW made was the BMW 3/15. This car was a “Dixi” car. The car was released in 1927. The BMW was a 2 doored vehicle. This car is very different than the BMWs we drive today. For instance, this BMW would not win a race. It was not very fast at all. However the first BMW M modeled vehicle was. This car came out in 1978!

BMW Repair Shop Near ME

We offer BMW repair on almost all models. We fix X5, X3, M3, M5 all 3, 5 and 7 series vehicles. We offer OEM parts a pon request, otherwise we offer auto parts from the local part houses when available.  If your looking to meet a new mechanic that your can trust to provide service and repair on your BMW vehicle, give Tedious Repairs a buzz today!

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