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BMW car repair is not for everyone. Most shops avoid these complex machines. Finding the right place to bring yours can be tricky. You want to find the right techs that knows the ins and outs of these vehicles. You need different tools and knowledge to be efficient. If you want to build a long last relation with a local top rated mechanic shop in Chico California give us a call today!

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Looking for a BMW repair near me? If you own a car,  you know that you have to keep up with the maintenance of it. You have to get your oil changed if you want your car to last. This is one of the things that we, at Tedious Repairs, offer. Also, it is important that you get your BMW oil changed around 5,000 miles or every 3,000 miles if you have extreme driving conditions. If not, it can, and it will affect your car in the long run. Synthetic oil changes for your BMW are recommended. Synthetic oil is a higher quality oil that runs smoothly for cars and, synthetic oil lasts up to 5,000- 10,000 miles while syn-blend lasts around 3,000 miles. 

When we provide you with an oil change, we follow these steps:

First, we drain your car’s remaining oil. Next, we replace the old oil filter. Then, we fill your vehicle up with new oil. Most BMW vehicles have an oil reset. We reset it, if not we will put an oil reminder sticker in the window. After the oil change is complete, we do a vehicle inspection to make sure your vehicle is up to par. 


When it’s time to get your brake pads changed we provide those services. If you hear a high pitch squealing noise when you press the brake on your car, it is time for a good old brake pad replacement visit. When you visit Tedious Repairs, we have your brake pads back to new for you in a quick and efficient manner.

 When we provide you with break replacement service, we follow these trusted steps:

First, we remove your brake pads. Next, we inspect everything down to make sure you are safe and receiving the best driving experience you can get. Once we are done with that step, we remove the old brake pads. Then, we must replace those brake pads with brand new ones. After that, we are all set and ready to get you back on the road! To learn more about our brake services. is one of the things that we, at Tedious Repairs, offer. 

BMW Mechanic
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BMW Air Service Near Me

Did you know, Tedious Repairs also offers AC repair and service on your BMW, If you are having air flow troubles, not cold, barley blowing air, or just not blowing at all, we can provide assistance to get your cars air conditioning resolved. 

First, we prepare our high-tech Robin air Air conditioning machine to fit your BMW. Under your car’s hood, there are two ports, the high and low side. The one of those is marked high and one is marked low. We take our connector hoses and attach them to the ports. After that, we suck out the old leftover coolant. Then we refill it back up with a new refrigerant. 

If your AC smells moldy you use it, or it is just time for a cabin filter replacement.

BMW Mechanic Near Me 

If any of these problems describe you, and you need BMW service or repair, I have got just the place for you to bring your BMW to today! Tedious Repairs has been locally owned and operated since 2007. Tedious Repairs can fix all your BMW repair and service needs in a jiffy! If you need BMW brake replacement, an oil change, AC recharges and repairs, and more, come on down and drop your car off today! Top rated BMW mechanic near me in Chico California.