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We love to help, and one way we do that at Tedious Repairs is by providing helpful blog posts about how cars work and how you can look out for problems and get them fixed before they happen! We are always looking to educate our clients so they can feel self-reliant and confident on the road. We also try to cover a wide range of topics so our readers better understand all the fundamental principles that make automobiles work.

Topics we cover include car A/C, oil change, electrical system facts, heating and cooling systems, transmissions, suspension, and more. Have a suggestion or a comment? Please feel free to leave them below the post!

Of course, many of the issues we discuss here can be resolved by giving us a call and letting us handle the auto repairs for you. If that’s more your speed, just give us a call at (530) 826-4275!

new struts

Ball Joints

Most drivers in Chico, CA know ball joints are an important part of the suspension system. Visualize a ball attached to a spindle with the

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car oil change min

Oil Change in Chico

Our Oil Change Service Works For You! CHICO OIL CHANGES, FAST FRIENDLY AND AFFORDABLE Here at Tedious Repairs, we’re proud to offer expert oil changes

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Subaru wheel alignment

Chico Oil Change

TEDIOUS REPAIRS OFFERS THE BEST OIL CHANGE IN CHICO! Engine maintenance is critical to keeping your vehicle running smooth as the day you brought it

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radiator repair chico

Chico AC Repair

Tedious Repairs 2695 Highway 32 Chico, CA 95973 | (530) 826-4275 Simple Answers From Tedious Repairs For Chico: Air Conditioner May 27th, 2020 Question: Why

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cabin filter

Weird  filter Odors in Your Car? You’re driving around one day and you notice a weird smell. Check your armpits: nope. Cheeseburger rolled under the

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Diesel repair chico

Chico Auto Repair

Auto Repair in Chico   Auto Repair in Chico can be a nightmare. Most people are never ready for a vehicle that suddenly has problems.

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brake repair chico

Brake Repair Chico

Is It Time for New Brakes? One of the most critical car parts for your safety on the road are the brakes (obviously). Whether it’s

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