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We love to help, and one way we do that at Tedious Repairs is by providing helpful blog posts about how cars work and how you can look out for problems and get them fixed before they happen! We are always looking to educate our clients so they can feel self-reliant and confident on the road. We also try to cover a wide range of topics so our readers better understand all the fundamental principles that make automobiles work.

Topics we cover include car A/C, oil change, electrical system facts, heating and cooling systems, transmissions, suspension, and more. Have a suggestion or a comment? Please feel free to leave them below the post!

Of course, many of the issues we discuss here can be resolved by giving us a call and letting us handle the auto repairs for you. If that’s more your speed, just give us a call at (530) 826-4275!


Key fob replacement

Get Replacement CAR Keys, Quick! There’s nothing worse in the adult world than losing your keys, especially your car keys. With all the specialized key

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how to find a brake shop near you

Why Won’t My Car Start?

Common Problems Starting Cars Fixing cars and trucks isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially not diagnosing the issue in the first place. It

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Chico Head Gasket Repair

What is a head gasket? Your head gasket or head gaskets are used in internal combustion engines. They provide a seal between your engine block

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heater core unit repairs by tedious repairs chico ca

Hot Air And Heater Cores

Hot Air And Heater Cores Winter’s coming (eventually) and now’s better than never to get your heater core fixed. Don’t catch a cold (ride) a

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