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Best Brake Shop

Best Brake Shop

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Brake safety is not the time or the place to mess around. Whether it’s a new car with new brakes, someone hired to fix brakes does the job for you, or you replace vehicle brakes yourself, at the end of the day you must know for sure the job was done right. If not, you might find out on the road or highway, at the worst time possible. So when you get brake service, especially if not done at a brake shop, make sure you get them done right.

But how do you find a good brake shop? If you’re looking for a brake service in Chico, certainly you call us at Tedious Repairs and we’ll do the job for you.

But what if you’re not looking for brake service in Chico specifically? Then how does one find a good brake shop? Let us help!

How to Find a Good Brake Shop

There are many easy tips to find good car service, but sometimes we just don’t do our diligence. At Tedious Repairs we cannot stress this enough: even if these things seem simple, simple preparation can save you a lot of trouble in the long run!

Always Do Your Homework!

First of all do your homework! You can always check the Better Business Bureau’s website for reviews and ratings of a business based on public complaints. For example, you can visit Tedious Repairs’ page and see our rating at the BBB by clicking here!

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Found a internal leak on a master cylinder

Another popular resource for business reviews is Yelp. Always look at the moderate level reviews to see the fairest opinions, and skim the bad reviews just in case something sticks out, but often the lowest reviews are a bit biased (not always unreasonably so). You can see our Yelp page

The best resource for expert techs is often to ask family and friends. It’s not always easy to meet in-person person these days just to ask about brake mechanics, so maybe contact them on Facebook and Instagram. Most local businesses have a presence on both sites and you can easily share their business pages with others and get their opinions.

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Qualified Technicians

Always try to find the most qualified technicians with long-term experience on the job. A full shop with decades of experience between the crew is ideal. Solo shops mean priority service, but can also mean delays when the only tech is overwhelmed or ill.

If you can find one, someone who specializes in working on your brand or make of vehicle is certainly best. A dealership is an obvious choice for certified brake repair, but they can also be prohibitively expensive especially if you’re out of warranty. So look for local shops or other professionals that are forward about their brand experience, as they’re likely to have relevant experience.

Another good tactic is to find brake techs or shops that service large working vehicle fleets. They tend to be highly reliable, but may also be too busy or too expensive for general labor. But always make sure to ask; it never hurts. And ask what services they offer too, like brake pad replacement, rotor repair, caliper adjustment, or brake line repair. If they do only one service in particular, you may want to find a more versatile technician who won’t be roadblocked if a different issue arises.

Ask About Warranties

Speaking of asking, ask about service warranties and guarantees: you want them, of course. You know then that even if something happens, you’ll be covered by a sturdy guarantee that the job will get done no matter what.

Drop In and Visit!

It never hurts to drop-in and say hi! Visit the shop and see if you like what you see and hear, or what they have to offer. Sometimes you just got to feel the vibe out yourself, and you never get to see the reality until you’re actually on-site.

Take special note of how they keep their public areas. It’s one thing to have a dirty shop, but a clean waiting room shows they actually care about the customer.

Another helpful tactic is to test the shop by getting an easy job done first, like an oil change. This will let you know how quick the shop works, how good a job they do, and how their manner is when fixing your brakes.

If you’d like to meet us, feel free to drop by and visit Tedious Repairs between 9am and 5pm weekdays at our location off Highway 32.

Come Prepared with Fundamental Knowledge

Ever wonder how car brakes work? What brake parts do, or maybe how brake pads work to reduce motion by friction? You can watch a really deep dive here from the brake technicians at Autotechlabs on YouTube, in a video called “How Disc Brakes Works”. This will help prepare you to understand what service is actually required for the job, and what may be an upsell that you can pass on for the time being:

Brake Check

Obviously it’s very important not to play around when it comes to brake safety. Whether it’s a personal or professional vehicle, you don’t want your brakes to go out, that much is certain. At Tedious Repairs, we care about your safety on the road. If you have any questions about finding a good auto repair shop in Chico, California.

Best Brake Shop NEar ME

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You've come to the right place! Tedious Repairs is the best repair shop near me in Chico California and we're proud to make the claim. If you need brake repair, transmission diagnostics, wheel alignment, oil change, electrical system repair, or anything else, just give us a call and we'll get you set straight in no time.

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