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Car batteries

Car Batteries

What is a car battery?

Battery replacement in your future? A car battery is an automotive device used to power a vehicle. Batteries power your lights, your radio, and your BCM (body control module).  

Have you ever wondered how your battery turns on your vehicle? Well, the slot where you insert your key or push a start button is called the ignition switch. 

The switch controls the starter relay, also known as the solenoid. The relay switch turns the ignition on. Then the ignition sends small electrical currents to the starter. 

This makes a set of contacts close. When they close, the battery sends electrical volts to the starter motor. This will begin to turn the gears inside your vehicle. 

car batteries

Why do batteries die?

There are many ways that car batteries could potentially die, leading to you needing battery replacement. Let’s cover some of those!

Cold weather is one of the biggest reasons that car batteries die. But, snowy, rainy, and cold, weather can be damaging… It is scientifically proven old weather weakens car batteries. For example, when the weather drops to 32 degrees, your car battery is 35% weaker than what it is normally running at.

Although you can’t predict nor control the weather, you can, however, prepare your battery for the harsh cold weather that winter brings us. Taking proper care you your car’s battery is very important. But, with summer right around the corner, the cold weather shouldn’t be a factor in your car battery breaking! 

Corrosion is another way that may lead to battery replacement. According to Google, Corrosion is “the act of destroying a metal or alloy gradually, especially by oxidation or chemical action.” So, over time your battery will corrode and will begin to stop operating properly

Time, one of the things that no one can change, can heavily affect your car battery. Over time, as your battery gets older, it begins to lose its power. But, that’s an easy fix! You can have your battery replaced to restore full electrical operation in your vehicle if it was your battery’s fault. 
Those are some of the ways that your battery may be malfunctioning. Keep in mind, if you are experiencing electrical problems with your car, it may be because of other reasons too. 
car batteries

The history of battery 

Gaston Planté was the first person to make an automotive car battery. He accomplished this in 1859. He struggled with making this battery for a very long time. The battery he made he made was a lead acid-based battery. This battery is basically the same as how ours are today. 
Gaston was a French physicist. The first battery that he attempted to make was a rechargeable battery. He thought that it would be better for cars if you can recharge their batteries! 

He died on May 24, 1898. After he died, his car battery was put into cars and sold! The first car that had a battery put into it was a 1912 Cadillac. 

How long do car batteries last?

There is no definite answer to that question. But, with all the automotive experience that we have, we have summarized that car batteries can last for a long time with the proper care. For example, getting your battery looked at frequently. This is important because it can ensure that your car battery’s life is long-lived. 

When getting your vehicle maintained, it is important to have your battery tested as well. At Tedious Repairs, we use a high-tech battery tester. This trusted multi-meter tool makes sure that your battery is working properly and to its full potential.

First, we must set the tool to the proper voltage amount to match the amount needed for your vehicle. Then, we will the power. After that, we connect the positive and negative wires to the proper negative and positive battery terminals. If your battery’s voltage is not around at least 12.6 volts, you may have a bad battery and you may need to replace it. 

How does the battery work?
On the outside of a car battery, there is a positive and negative charged port. Inside the battery, there is battery acid, 6 individual cells, that produce 2.1 volts of energy or 12.6 volts total, the required amount for the vehicle’s electrical system. Each set of cells has a negative side and a positive side. 
The car battery generates electricity and accumulates it as well. It does this by using reversible chemical reactions. The battery positive cells bring electrons into the battery. The negative cells release them.


The two plates, both negative and positive cells put together, sit in the battery box with a chemical. This chemical is 65% water and 30% Sulfuric acid. A single drop of this acid will eat through human skin. The repeating chemical reaction that take place inside of your car battery is what gives your car power. 

How do batteries discharge? 
There are a couple of different ways that your car battery could discharge. When placed on the floor, batteries collect the wooden encasement and the moisture. This is what causes the battery to discharge. Another way that your battery could is charged is by the chemicals in the side of the battery being moved around. When the chemical moves in the opposite direction, the chemical potential energy changes to energy and shorts the circuit. 
Where to repair 

Know that you know almost everything you need to know about your car battery, you need to know where to have battery replacement. Well, Tedious Repairs has been offering the Chico community Battery replacement and battery replacement services since 2008! So, what are you waiting for? 

Take your vehicle to Tedious repairs for 5-star, quality battery repair and battery replacement services today! Call or, book an online appointment today to receive the same high-quality customer and car service that Tedious Repairs provide for all of their customers!

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