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Axle Wrap

Axle Wrap

What is an Axle wrap? 

If you feel like your you having problems with leaf springs or axle wrap, Tedious Repairs offers top rated auto repair and axle wrap diagnostic near me in Chico, California.
Axle wrap is when the back tires of a vehicle move in the opposite direction they were supposed to. This causes axle hop. This becomes a big issue once your vehicle undergoes hard acceleration, or when your back tires spin. At this point, the leaf springs will bend the axle. 
Axle wrap is when the driveshaft and the torque twist the differential forwards. This will overpower leaf springs. Axle wrap can happen on all makes and models. 
Axle wrap

What does axle wrap feel like? 

When a car has axle wrap, it won’t make a noise. Instead, you will feel it. An axle wrap will feel like a slipping clutch. It can also feel like your back tires are grabbing the ground. When you have axle wrap, you will feel a lurching feeling during acceleration periods. Axle wrap, however, won’t be experienced on slow starts. Axle wrap is commonly found on vehicles where the driver is too harsh on the vehicle. 

What causes axle wrap? 

Axle wrap is commonly caused by high amounts of rear-end torque. This, then, will cause force on the rear. This will cause the leaf spring to malfunction, leading to more bigger problems like axle wrap. 
Your vehicle’s leaf springs are very important. They support the weight of the vehicle. Without them, the weight would be unevenly distributed, which will, in the long run, cause axle wrap and other issues. 
Axle wrap
Wrap repair near me
Tedious Repairs offers Axle repair and axle replacement. They have been serving the Chico community since 2007. Because of this, we have the experience and training that you desire. Bring your vehicle into the shop today! Call, or book an online appointment with us!  Top rated axle wrap diagnostic near me in Chico, California. 

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