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Chico Automotive Diagnosis

Tedious Repairs offers Chico automotive diagnosis of most cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and fleet vehicles. If you have an engine light or any other problem lights, we can handle it easily. We specialize in figuring out hard-to-diagnose problems with automotive cars in Chico, California. Auto diagnostic experts.

Auto Diagnostic near me 


We can find the most complex problems, including noises, leaks, lights, and parasitic draws. We can handle a wide range of troubling diagnostic shooting on electrical issues. Is the engine light on? No problem. We are still able to figure it out most of the time. If your local locksmith or dealership is dragging out repairs, or can not figure it out, give us a call today!


Finding the right mechanic shop you trust with advanced automotive troubleshooting is a task, especially in a small town like chico. Unfortunately, not every automotive shop is up to troubleshooting those advanced diagnostic repairs. So if you are tired of the runaround, or done beating your head on your car or truck, give Tedious Repairs a call today or schedule an appointment online! Automotive diagnostic near me in Chico, CA.