Automotive AC history

The history of car ac

Automotive AC history — Karl Benz was the first man to invent a car. He made the first in Germany and France. The Motorwagen was a big hit Karl a lot of money. So much so he could start his own automotive company!

Karl Benz live to be 84 years old. He died April 4, 1929. But his legacy continued. His colleagues continued his work and made many more cars! 

For the first 50 or so years, cars were driven without any form of air cooling. The first car was invented 1886. But, vehicles with air conditioning were not invented until October 7, 1935.

 In Buffalo, New York, the first automotive air conditioning was invented. It was invented by two brothers. Those two brothers were James and William Packard. 

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Two brothers, one day, decided that their car was too hot to drive where they lived. They had a thought. “What if we could build something to cool our car down in the summer?” And that’s exactly what they did. The 1940 Packard was the first car to have a fully functioning ac system. 

James Packard and William Packard decided to had a little kick their new automotive design. To had ac. Little did James and William know, they would be changing automotive history forever. 

 The two door sedan version of the 1940 Packard was sold for $1,135 dollars (in it’s time). The four door 1940 Packard was sold $ 1,170. The 8 passenger model was sold for $ 1,400. The ac cooled convertible was sold for $ 1,570.

The wise inventers of the first ac cooled car were James Ward Packard and his brother, William Dowd Packard. William died 1909. James died 1928. 

automotive ac history
The history of automotive ac
In 1987, specialist realize that R12 refrigerant is harmful the ozone layer. At the time, R12 refrigerant was the main, if not, only refrigerant being used.  
By 1994, cars were not allowed to run on R12 refrigerant. It was a law because of how harmful it was to the environment.  Instead, they were on R-134a refrigerant.  
2022 there is talk of making another less harm full refrigerant. Although they haven’t yet made it, there is hope for this idea to come to life!
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Pontiac and Nash were one of the first car companies to fit the whole ac system in the front of the car. Before, people used to drive around with their ac systems in the trunk of their cars. 
Nash was the first to combine their ac heating system into under hood. They also has the first dash design! They accomplished this in 1954. 
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car Ac becomes popular !

AC begins to take over the world! By 1969, over 50% of Americans have ac in their cars. It becomes so popular that by 1970 DIY auto ac kits are sold to the public. These kits were made by many automotive companies. 
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