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Mechanic Wanted Chico

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Service Writer Wanted

We are currently looking for a service writer who can deliver elite customer service along with patience with our customers. This is not always east task. This person will need to be able to answer phones, build quotes, and more importantly talk over and land jobs with customers. The service writer will directly deal with mechanics, parts houses and customers all day long. Service writer job in Chico California. 

Wanted : Auto Technician

 Tedious Repairs is looking for a experienced mechanic that can work on all make and model vehicles. We offer oil changes to a new engine. The technician must be able to work independently on no complex jobs while reading service guides, marking bolts, operating Tekmetics, along with order you own parts is the service writer is busy. 8 to 10 hours days, full or part time.  Must be able to do it the shops way and not carry bad habits that you are not willing to change and adapt with a ever growing shop. Mechanic job in Chico California. 

Tedious Repairs is a family owned auto repair shop in Chico California. We offer auto repair on all make and model vehicles. Our business is steady growing and looking for the right person or persons to help us get better as a team. There is various spots that could make our team stronger.

Looking for a job as a auto repair technician, shop helper, service writer or janitor?  Here at Tedious Repairs we are team. We are always looking for good help that makes our team stronger. If your looking to earn bonuses and earn bi-weekly pay, fill this page out and press submit. Wages depend on skill set, tools and experience.  Tools are not required, but show your dedication to this line of work. We have hired pros and we have taught the right people from scratch, in the end we are looking for the right people to spend 8 to 10 hours a day with.

If working on cars, writing estimates, or just learning a new skill set is something that interests you, contact us for more information on what we offer.  If you are looking for a job near  me in Chico California, fill out the page below and we will be in contact. Auto mechanic wanted in Chico, California. 

APPLICATION for Tedious Repairs