Chico’s Own Drive-In: Meriam Park

Do You Love Movies?

Meriam Park drive in at Chico CAOnce upon a time, people used to watch movies from inside their cars. No, not on a mobile device, but on a big screen located outside the vehicle that other people could see too. *gasp!*

Hard to believe they weren’t using Ultra-HD smartphones to enjoy John Wayne movies, but we promise it’s true. They called these magical places where cars could watch movies too “Drive-Ins”, and for a few decades they were the place to be on the weekends. One might close up the auto shop for the night, pick up friends and family, cruise down the boulevard to the local drive-in, and everyone would enjoy the latest nickel-flick over a shared tub of butter-greased popcorn.

Well guess what, folks: those days are back! That’s right. Chico now has it’s very own drive-in too, at Meriam Park Drive-In Theater!

About Meriam Park Drive-In Theater

The Drive-In is part of the Meriam Park planned development community, which is meant to serve the increasing number of business professionals now moving to Chico to take advantage of its affordable real-estate and eager labor force. It’s a relatively new development- near Best Buy and WinCo- surrounded by residential housing, shopping, and professional offices. The Drive-In is part of their vision to bring life, work, and fun altogether in once place so you never have to go anywhere else!

Treats & Amenities

Concessions are a big part of movie night and you’ll find all the classics here, as well as some finer foods too if you’re into that sort of thing. Food includes popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, candy, and salads. Drinks include beer, wine, cocoa, coffee, soda and even good ol’ water. Mm mm, water.

How To Find The Drive-In

The address of the Meriam Park Drive-in is 1925 Market Pl, #100. Use the map below to find the vehicle entrance as well:

Map to Meriam Park. Make sure you visit the auto shop first!

Event Times

The movie schedule varies quite a bit, likely due to the fact that the drive-in is fairly new and will probably need time to develop a solid routine and line-up. Until then, check their Movies & Events page regularly for movie dates and times. They host private events and school fundraisers too so you can schedule a special event just for you and yours! For more info about private events and fundraisers, call (530) 399-0753.

See You At The Drive-In!

If you’ve never been to a drive-in before, we highly suggest you give it a try. And it’s safe during these trying times, too! Some final notes before you go to make sure you have fun when you get there:

  • Make sure the FM radio in your car is functional before you go, as this is how it picks up audio. A battery-operated external radio also works for picking the audio so you can use that if you have a broken car radio. If you have any vehicle issues, call or visit the Tedious Repairs auto shop before you go! Our number is (530) 826-4275.
  • Please keep in mind that due to COVID-19 precautions, the theater must ensure that groups over 4 people consist only of family members.
  • Weather doesn’t matter so it’s always open rain or shine (even will be canceled in the event of thunder storms, however).

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at the movies.

Check in next time for more events and local info from Tedious Repairs, the best auto shop in town!

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