Tedious Repairs serves all your auto repair and vehicle maintenance needs! Our service offerings include all regular maintenance services (fluid changes, tire balancing) as well as specialty repair and vehicle upgrade services (catalytic converter replacement, shock and strut replacement) and more! We offer free engine scan diagnostics print out on OBD2 cars. Our primary focus is keeping you safe on the road with affordable, fast, and respectful auto service.

What We Do For You

We fix cars and trucks; we do tune-ups, part replacements, and everything on your dealer maintenance schedule; we do A-service short-term and B-service long-term oil changes, car part upgrades; and we do whatever else you need auto service for.

Something sounds weird? Odd rattling in the engine; a loose trunk; wobbly windows; or blinking headlights? Call us at (530) 826-4275 or Text (530) 828-3007 with questions you maye have and we'll give you answers about how to get your repair woes under control. Visit the service sections below to learn more about specific services we offer, including how to win a free oil change!

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Cheap Oil Changes Near You

Engine oil keeps the parts from grinding against each other and wearing away until it ceases to work. Not much use in a half-ton piece of steel that sanded itself inside out. You have to change your fluids regularly. If it's time for an oil change, bring in your vehicle and we'll get you in and out fast, affordable, and with the utmost care.

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Vehicle Maintenance Service

We're happy to handle your regular maintenance concerns. We know the value of having a car that works, and how bad things can get when car problems are allowed to go on for too long. Unsure what it is, but you know something is wrong with your car, truck or motorcycle? Leave the vehicle diagnostics and maintenance to us!

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Fast Transmission Repair

The transmission shifts engine gears with utmost precision. A bad transmission leads to problems shifting gears, or even dangerous road scenarios if left to get worse. It's critical to change transmission fluids to keep parts operating at peak performance, which is a service we're happy to provide for you!

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Brake Repair You Can Trust

If your brakes are bad, your car won't stop. If you car doesn't stop when you need it to, the results can be deadly. Please do not let your brake pads wear down; do not drive with broken rotors; do not forget to change brake fluid and replace brake pads as necessary. Bring your car or truck to Tedious Repairs and we'll provide safe and sure brake repair service so you can remain confident in any and all road conditions.

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Premier Car A/C Repair

Auto Heating and Air Conditioner repair is one of our specialties. No one who's driven even one summer needs to be told how important fixing A/C is before you need it. Not interested in doing your own A/C coolant recharge? Too hot for compressor repair? Leave it to us and we'll have your air system back up and running in no time! Pro-tip: new A/C coolant and cleaning the compressor can make your system a lot cooler!

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Shock & Suspension Service

Does it feel like your ride's gotten a bit bumpy? Is the steering off, maybe pulling your vehicle to the side of the road even when you drive straight? Let us take a look at your suspension system and see if you need shock or strut replacement, if the bushings are in good condition, or fix any front-end alignment issues you may be having. Let us tune suspension to make your ride much, much smoother.

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Catalytic Converter Repair

Catalytic converters change the poisons emitted by cars into breathable, non-people choking gases that can be released into the atmosphere. Incidentally, they can be expensive and very valuable to parts dealers. It's very important to keep your catalytic converter in good condition and have it repaired immediately, before you need a catalytic converter replacement. The cost to fix a catalytic converter is much less than the damage and even penalty fines that may result otherwise.

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Auto Body Repair

Collision repair can be a real pain. Whether it's a serious accident or minor collision, the body damage can become extremely annoying with time, just sitting there nagging you until you fix it. Well, we're happy to help you with fenders, paneling, doors, windows, lights and more so you can enjoy the way you car looks again! Already got the parts and just want us to handle auto body service? No problem. Just make an appointment to stop by and we'll take it from there. Click to learn more!


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