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Auto Diagnostics

Diagnostic chico 

Has your car ever had problems? If so, you probably have had to get a diagnostic done on your car. Tedious Repairs offers efficient diagnostic services. Come by today to experience the same top-notch auto diagnostic chico service today. 

auto diagnostics

What is an auto diagnostic?

What is automotive diagnostic you may ask? Well, a diagnostic is recommended for you because of its importance. A diagnostic is an analysis of your car’s many computer systems. When we run a diagnostic on your car, we scan your vehicle’s various computer systems to find the problem. The diagnostic will also tell us the codes your car is reading. These codes will help us fix your car and make it run correctly again.  Sometimes we have to diagnose things the old fashion way, chasing electrical wires and manually testing components on your vehicle . 

diagnostic importance

If you choose not to have a diagnostic done on your car, there is no guarantee that your car is one hundred percent fixed. For example, if you have a check engine light on, and you choose not to have a diagnosis, there is a possibility that it won’t go off. Because we didn’t have the diagnostic done, there could have been other problems that we didn’t know of. 
PCM repair, ECM repair, BCM repair.

Where to repair 

If you have a light shinning on your vehicles dash, or your car is chugging and bugging, or just flat out not running right, come on down to Tedious Repairs and we will have your car fixed in a jiffy! We will run a quick auto diagnostic chico for you, fix your car up, and have you on your way! Call, or book an appointment today!
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