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Tedious Repairs is your auto body shop in Chico!

Nothing is more of a hassle than getting into an accident. Even when the danger is over, you still have to deal with dreaded collision repair. It can take a long time to complete auto body work and that usually means you won’t have a vehicle for a while. But with Tedious Repairs auto body service, we’ll get your back on the road in no time!

We can help you with bumpers, fenders headlights and tail-lights, doors, windows and more. Did you get the parts already and just don’t have the tools or time for the job? Brings the parts in and we’ll handle the service side for you! Our auto body mechanics are some of the best collision repair techs in Chico, with decades of auto repair experience between them. We’ll get to work as soon as you’re ready and have you back in your truck or car before you know it.


We’re not just any old collision repair shop. We work fast, we make sure we get the job done right and that you’re satisfied with the body service. Our satisfaction warranty means that you can drive off the lot sure as ever that no matter what happens, our techs have your back.

We handle auto body work on old and new cars!

Had a minor accident and been putting off repairs? Even if the issue doesn’t seem serious, some problems can have unforeseen consequences. A bend in the panel along the wheel well can scrape against the tires at certain angles causing wear and tear and even risking puncture. Sometimes after minor fender benders, mufflers come loose and need to be refastened correctly. Even windows that just aren’t seated right inside the door can come free and pose a hazard in rare cases of serious accidents. We’ll make sure you don’t have to worry about any of that with a full-range vehicle diagnostic and, with your approval, whatever auto body service you need.


Not many things are worse on a nice car than a minor blemish. We can help with dents, scratches, replacements, or even upgrades, if you’re looking for something new! Need a body shop near you? Then visit us at 2695 CA-32 in Chico and we’ll go over whatever concerns you might have about your vehicle. Fender replacements, bumper repair, swapping out doors, installing new headlights, whatever you need done, it’s our pleasure to do it for you. We also offer fluid and oil changes, tire balancing, transmission service, brake repair, and more!


Tedious Repairs auto body service offers a number of benefits:

  • We work fast and around your schedule! Call for special appointment times.
  • Our affordable body isn’t cheap body work by quality, but it is by price!
  • We specialize in Nissan collision repair and Toyota body work.
  • Set an appointment online to get complete diagnostics prior to service!

Collision repair is our speciality at Tedious Repairs!

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Tedious Repairs is offering a monthly oil change drawing.