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On this page you may find some helpful blogs from Tedious Repairs. We are always looking to educate customers how and why their vehicle is having issues.  Cars and tucks find countless ways to brake and let us down.

In the section we will cover topics that customer’s have problems with. From a brake job to a plugged cabin filter, it is important to explain what happens when a vehicle is having trouble.

Many of these problems can be prevented with proper understanding and vehicle maintenance. The staff here at Tedious Repairs is always willing to explain and help you through any problem you may be having.  Advice is always free and so is quotes. If you are having problems with a vehicle come in or give us a call, text or email today!

chico auto repair

Chico Auto Repair

Auto Repair in Chico Auto Repair in Chico can be a nightmare. Most people are never ready for a vehicle that suddenly has problems. When this happens it causes stress, inconveniences and financial burdens on our lives. Our staff at Tedious Repairs understands these events very well. At one point we were in the same

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brake repair chico

Chico Brake Repair

Brake Repair In Chico You Can Trust     Your vehicles brakes are one of the most important things regarding you vehicle as you drive around Chico, CA.  Safe brakes keeps your odds of  a accident or problems to a minimum. You’ll want to carefully maintain your brakes. With disc brakes, brake pads rub on

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chico ac repair Air conditioner chico

Why isn’t my air conditioner blowing cold air?

Ac Repair & Auto repair Chico, CA. Question of the day: Why is my air conditioner blowing hot air? Tedious Repairs Answer: Car and truck air conditioning system uses freon to create cold air. The most common reasons Chico drivers lose their cold air have to do with the refrigerant leak somewhere in the system.

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my car’s cabin air filter

Cabin Air Filter Jun 29th, 2020 Let’s talk about your Cabin air filter. There seems to be some confusion about them in Chico that we should be able to clear up. Much of the confusion starts because these filters are relatively new. Not all vehicles in Chico have them, so some people confuse their cabin air

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chico mechanic

Chico Radiator Leaks and Replacement

My car is overheating. Why should I go to get it fixed in Chico? Tedious Repairs Answer: That’s a really good question for Chico residents to ask, because if you don’t have someone you trust your car may be in trouble. People would assume that if your engine is running at the proper temperature that

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oil leak diagnosis on a chevy

Tedious Repairs specializes in diagnosis. Our staff has figured out countless problems on almost every make and model vehicle.  From leaks and noises to hard to figure out engine lights. Our staff has over a decade experience in figuring out the hardest and rarest problems on cars and truck. If you are looking to build

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Tedious Repairs is offering a monthly oil change drawing.