Wheel Alignment

Why do you need a wheel alignment ?

Vehicle alignment plays a crucial part in keeping cars and trucks driving in a straight line down the road. Under inflated tires, worn out suspension, curbs, pot holes and accidents can cause wheel alignment issues. Most of these problems can be easily identified and corrected with the proper equipment.

What are the effects of bad wheel alignment?

If improper wheel alignment is left unattended, you may find your vehicle in mess. The first thing that gives you a hint about bad wheel alignment is uneven tire wear. If you find that the outter edges of your tires are wearing out long before the tread of the tire, there could be a problem. Low tires can cause your vehicle to waste gas and pull to one side or another.
Usually airing up your tires is the easiest fix you can ask for. If you vehicle feels like a boat, rolls around corners, clanks over bumps, or just pull to one side or another, it is time to make a appointment. It is recommended to have your vehicle alignment checked and adjusted every 2 or 3 years to maintain optimal vehicle efficiency.

WHere to go for a wheel alignment

The mechanics here at Tedious Repairs perform wheel alignments and a wide range of auto repair on suspension on most vehicles. We have been able to resolve hundreds of issues with wheel alignment suspension troubles over the last 15 years. We offer state of the art, 3D wheel alignments. Also, we are able to resolve suspension noise, clunk of wobble issues you may be experiencing on your car truck or van. By performing vehicle wheel alignments, we can find steering and suspension issues that may be causing tire wear or pulling issues. Ball joints, control arms, steering links, steering box, CV axles, idler arm, pitman arm, rack and pinion, swap bar end links, shocks, struts, leaf springs, hubs, wheel bearings, spindle, knuckles, knees and more.

Do you need help to resolve suspension issues that are driving you nuts? We are able to diagnose steering problems on your cat ruck or van. By performing wheel alignments, we can find steering and suspension issues. We replace tie rods, ball joints, control arms, springs, linkages, sway bars, wheel bearings, shocks, struts and many other suspension parts. And, to learn more about wheel alignment, click here!

Shocks and Struts

It is important to replace your vehicles shocks and struts around 60,000 miles. When your shocks and struts go out, your vehicles will no longer ride as smooth as before. Your truck may bottom out, your tires may wear uneven, the vehicle may have noticeable body roll or you may hear a clunking or squeaking noise while going over bumps.

lift kits & lowered cars

Are you looking for someone to install a lift kit ? We love doing leveling kits, air shocks, caster and camber kits. We work on lowered cars along with trucks that are lifted. If you are looking for some custom work, The mechanics at Tedious Repairs are up to the task!

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Shocks and Struts


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