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Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Replacement

Air Fuel Ratio Sensor

Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Replacement

Air Fuel Ratio Sensor

The automotive air-fuel ratio sensor monitors the amount of air to fuel in the internal combustion engine. The air-fuel ratio sensor will also read an oxygen sensor’s voltage output. Without an air-fuel ratio sensor, your automobile may experience lower fuel economy, higher emissions, and damage to other components, such as an overheated catalytic converter. Almost all cars have at least two air-fuel ratio sensors in them. There will be at least one in the exhaust system, one in front of the catalytic converter, and one more downstream from the catalytic converter.

Chico Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Replacement

An average air-fuel ratio sensor should last three to five years. However, this depends on if you follow your regular maintenance guidelines. A few ways to tell if your air fuel ratio sensor is terrible is by noticing a decrease in fuel economy. Poor fuel economy, including a faulty air-fuel ratio sensor, can mean many things. A rough idle is also another sign of a faulty air-fuel ratio sensor.

Truck Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Replacement

When automobiles first came out, they didn’t have air-fuel ratio sensors. But, once invented, they were mass-produced and put into all cars. Robert Bosch Gmbh is the inventor of the air-fuel ratio sensor. He created it in the 1960s. The air-fuel ratio sensor is essential for all automobiles for many reasons. Mainly it protects the engine from future potential damage, which will keep you lasting longer!

Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Replacement Near Me In Chico, CA

Tedious Repairs has been replacing car air-fuel ratio sensors since 2007. Our expert team of mechanics has over 15 years of experience and is highly qualified to repair your automobile’s potential needs. Tedious Repairs is your number-one dealership alternative for any automotive repair. Tedious Repairs can help you with anything you need for auto repair! So please, if you need anything, give us a call or book an online appointment today! We will have you in and out as soon as possible—car air-fuel ratio sensors replacement near me in Chico, CA.


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