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Cool Cars: Best A/Cs

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If you live in Chico, you've probably noticed that it's hot as the Dickens outside right now, and will likely be even hotter throughout the summer season. So chances are, you already know how good your own car A/C works. But how do A/Cs in other vehicles compare, and what are some of the best vehicle A/C systems on the market, and how can you handle your own A/C repair and maintenance?

Today we're gonna delve a little deeper into some of the vehicles with the best ACs on the market, and what you can do to improve your own air conditioner even if you can't afford a whole new car for such a problem.

Some of the Coldest

The specifics of car A/C systems usually get glossed over in car reviews because, for the most part, if it can achieve moderate amount of coldness then it probably works well enough for most people (unless it’s already broken and you need A/C repair, of course). We had to pull a bit of anecdotal evidence from around the internet to get opinions of “peak A/C”. See for yourself what other people have to say.

American Cool(ing)

A dominant theme which should be no surprise here is that American cars often have some of the strongest cooling systems. Makes sense, considering how easy it is to find yourself in wildly different climates all over the country; every car needs to work “well enough” in every climate or it might not sell. Not to mention, Americans tend to use their vehicles for many different things, so again they need broad capability including powerful working A/C.

Racer_X on cargurus.com says American cars “… do seem to get the AC systems right with their cars/trucks. GMC Yukon and Denali (and Lincolns) have super icy cold AC systems…” This is great insight as SUVs often do have extra powerful systems to cool their much larger cabin. GuruBD8TC adds: “I need a very cold a/c for health reasons, and I can tell you our 2005 Denali (GMC) is incredible.” We have a few SUVs on staff- Chevy’s in particular- that we know from experience can get very cold, very quick.

Nissan & Toyota Lead in Tech

Nissan cooling systems are made by Calsonic Kansei, a manufacturer serving most of Asia with a long history of producing automotive and air conditioning parts. The quality of Japanese manufacturing is undeniable, and it seems they also have cabin size in their favor, as Japanese cars run much smaller than American, thus there’s certainly less space to cool on average (thus, it’s easier). That said, many people noted Toyota and Nissan for the power of their cooling systems. ItalianFlyer on Reddit gives a glowing recommendation for Toyotas: “I found that all Toyotas i’ve been in/owned/driven have had excellent air conditioning that never had a problem keeping me cool. In fact some times they were even too cold. Source: former Atlanta resident living in SoCal”. Sounds like they might know from experience living in warm climates.

chico car ac repair

GM Does the Job

GM vehicles are often cited as having some of the best AC systems. Happens General Motors owned refrigerator manufacturer Frigidaire for 60 years and undoubtedly took that experience into their automotive A/C development. This inclination towards powerful ACs is likely for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being their popularity with American families. Those things need to be able to cool crowds of 4-6 on long summer drives. They need to be powerful. But it isn’t all perfect with GM, it seems. FondabaruCBR4_6RSAWD on Reddit says it’s good … “When it doesn’t smell like glue. For real all of the GMs I’ve been in, especially in the spring time, with the AC on have smelled like old cheese because of the glue they use.” Make of that what you will, but even if it is smelly, at least it’ll be cool-smelly.

Luxury A/C Wins In The End

No surprise here, but the most often cited brands for great AC were luxury vehicles like Lincoln Town Cars, Lexus, and Mercedes, which are all well-known for having ice-cold cooling systems. A surprise competitor here, though, is vans and family vehicles. You may not want to cruise in a Subaru, but Semperfidelis23, a mechanic on Reddit says, “Subaru Impreza’s generally have pretty ****ing cold AC”. But, he also says that “My 07 GMC Sierra has THE best AC I’ve ever experienced. It actually gets too cold, pretty damn quickly too.” Just can’t escape the appeal of GMC A/C, I suppose.

How to Make Your Own AC Work Better


If you think it may be time for an AC mechanic, there's a few things you can try first that might make your AC work better.

If you think it may be time for an AC mechanic, there’s a few things you can try first that might make your AC work better. Check out our article on “How to Keep Your A/C Cool” by clicking here. Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but always take care of the basics before anything else because it can save you a lot of money. And if you need help with the harder job of cleaning your condenser or replacing your A/C compressor, just give Tedious Repairs a call and we’ll be glad to help.

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