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‘95 Honda Civic Repaired to Race Again!

‘95 Honda Civic Repaired to Race Again!

honda civic hatchback zipping bout the track

Honda cars are extremely popular, perhaps for the beautiful match between price and performance. You really do get so much bang for your buck with a Honda, and that makes them especially great for restoration projects like the one we’re gonna talk about today.

We came across a short article from MotorTrend about someone who lost their Honda hatchback during a race, only to get a second chance at living the dream again after someone found them a suitable replacement. Of course, there’s more to it than that and you can read the specifics using the link above, but we got the gist for you below.

Civic Calamity on the Track

After a massive T-bone collision during a Track Battle event, Evan Weider knew fixing his 1995 Honda Civic EH hatchback was out of the question: it was totaled, chomped on the passenger side by a Camaro with more metal than mercy. Evan went home ever-forlorn about his loss, figuring his Honda hatchback racing days were over…

(Spoiler: They weren’t.)

Then one day Evan’s friends told him about a GoFundMe account they setup to get him back on the track. Evan had also kept the Honda drivetrain serviceable for use in another chassis. By nothing short of pure luck, someone happened to have just the Honda chassis he needed. Evan was off to the races, as they say.

With newly acquired funds, a new chassis and recycled Honda parts too, the real work began.

honda civic hatchback on the race track

Honda Civic Mechanic in Chico, CA

For months, Evan labored by himself to get his new car ready for the 2020 Gridlife Midwest Festival. He handled “all of the painting, wrenching, fitting, cutting, and modifying” himself. Quite an impressive feat, no doubt.

The work completed, he brought his new Honda Civic hatchback back to the track. Born new again from not much more than a Honda powertrain replacement, it was like it had never died in the first place, and Evan’s hatchback love returned anew.

All this goes to show what can be done by putting in the elbow grease and effort. Few other cars are as ready to be raised from the dead as a Honda so keep that in mind if you ever need Honda service: don’t give up on a Honda!

Best Honda Civic Repair Near Me

honda repair service in action

Obviously not everyone is gonna have all the resources and GoFundMe gold to spend on rebuilding a Honda Civic like one they had before a Camaro ate it. But still, with time and effort and some car parts- maybe a spare chassis too- it’s almost like a good car remains eternal.

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