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1234yf Freon

What is Freon

Freon is a chemical designed to keep your car cooled. It blows through the vents in the cabin air filter in your car. It is the whole reason your car air vents blow cold. Without it, the air blowing out would be the temperature as the air outside. 

Why do you need 1234yf Freon?

On hot summer days, the cold air blowing out of your car vents is highly anticipated. Freon makes the cold air possible! Freon is a chemical that is injected into the car. It then blows through the cabin air filter and gives you the cold air you love, on a day! 

Why is Freon so expensive

Freon is so expensive because of supply, and demand. A lot of people in this, big world, drive cars. And they drive those cars in hot places. They, like you, enjoy being able to cool off in their car after a long day. 
How long does Freon last 
Freon is different than other fluids in your car. Unlike motor oil, which needs to be changed regularly, Freon will last you until you use it all. When your car AC no longer blows cold, your Freon needs to be refilled!
Where to get Freon refilled
Where should you get your Freon refilled? Tedious Repairs! They have been an automotive machinic shop that refills your Freon since 2008! That’s 13 years! They have the experience you want and need! Bring your car in today for the same 5 – star costumers service that they offer to all their customers!

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