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1234YF AC Recharge

1234yf Freon

1234yf freon recharge in your future? Freon, or refrigerant, is made up of a total of 3 atoms. They are Carbon, Hydrogen, Fluorine, or hydrofluoroolefin. In cars, we use Freon in our car AC systems! Freon goes through an evaporation process, kind of like your fridge at home! 

First, the AC compressor compresses the cold Freon. Then, the compressed Freon gets hot. Then, it moves through the coils and cools down again, turning back into a liquid. 

Then, it flows into the expansion valve which makes the Freon colder, turning back into a gas once again. Then, all of the nasty, unwanted particles get filtered out. After that, the Freon goes through more coils. Finally, cold air, then, comes out of your vents! 

Why do I need 1234YF Freon? 

On hot summer days, the cold air blowing out of your car vents is highly anticipated. Freon makes the cold air possible! Freon is a chemical that is injected into the car. It then blows through the cabin air filter and gives you the cold air you love, on a day!
How long does 1234yf Freon last 
Freon is different than other fluids in your car. Unlike motor oil, which needs to be changed regularly, Freon will last you until you use it all. When your car AC no longer blows cold, your Freon needs to be refilled!
One reason that you might need more or a new Freon is that you could have a leak. As we said earlier, Freon never really needs to be replaced. But, if you’re running low on it, you properly have a leak! 
Leaks can be caused by erosion of the metals, corrosion, and the acids eating the metal as well. Freon is a non evaporative and non flammable chemical that is used in your car’s ac system, to cool down your vehicle. 

Freon History

In 1928, Midgley invented a “miracle Compound” called Freon. Although it wasn’t yet used in cars or in-home ACs, it was used in refrigerators. Because of this,  sales were fantastic for him and his Freon company, being this was the only company making Freon at the time. 

in 1930, General Motors formed Kinetic Chemical Company to produce their own Freon. At this time, Freon was still only being used in fridges. 

In 1932, Freon was finally being put into AC units. Because of this, sales increased heavily for the two companies! In 1935, 8 million containers of Freon has been sold!  

In the early 1970s, Freon is now put in car ACs! This was a huge success and a huge step forward for the automotive, and Freon industry! 
1234YF Freon

why did we switch to 1234YF Freon?

The main reason for the switch was because of its environmental impact of it. Now, the Freon used in cars and other things are better for the planet and less harmful to the environment! 

Why did we make the big switch? The reason that cars switched to 1234YF freon is so that we could achieve commonality with European vehicles. This would make it, easier to work on all vehicles if everything matched. And two, it would make it cheaper! 

Where to get 1234yf Freon refilled

Where should you get your 1234yf Freon refilled? Tedious Repairs! They have been an automotive machinic shop that refills your Freon since 2008! That’s 13 years! They have the experience you want and need! Bring your car in today for the same 5 – star costumers service that they offer to all their customers!

Tedious Repairs has been fixing ACs for over 13 years. They offer AC repair for all makes and models! Since 2008 Tedious Repairs has been offering the Chico community the high-quality automotive services they need. 

Here at Tedious Repairs, we offer everything AC repair related that you may need. Here are some of the service options we offer: AC compressor replacement, Evap core repair, Condenser replacement, and much more! If you need any AC repair, bring your car down today! 

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